New Pulasan Tree

jacob13September 16, 2010

Hello Friends,

Here is a Picture of my New Pulasan


My New Abiu Tree




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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Nice Jacob. Did you get the pulasan from GaiaYoga? I'm assuming a "yes" here since they are the only ones I've found to offer them. How well was the plant packed in the box? Any damage to the plant at all? Where you located? Good luck with it. Keep the heat and humidity up and the PH down. J

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Looks like it made it through the trip ok. Was that the pot it came in or did you re-pot it already? Mine is being shipped out next monday. Hopefully mine makes it through the trip ok as well. Good luck with yours. Hopefully they prove to not be quite as difficult to grow as it sounds.

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Nice additions to your tropical paradise! I look forward to reading about their progress. Good luck with them.

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Hello Friends,

Thanks for all of your Kind Words.

Jay - Yes I got the Tree from Gaia Yoga. As for the Packaging, I would have done a Better Job if I was the Person in Charge of Packaging and Shipping. Overall, the package arrived in fairly decent condition. There was a little bit of damage to the tip-top of the tree as a stem/branch was broken during shipment, but it was fairly minimal. I am Located in Santa Barbara, CA, and we have a fairly warm and mild climate year-round and I also have a Greenhouse, so we will see. The trunk of the tree is pretty Awesome. For an Air-Layer, the Caliper of the Trunk is HUGE, at Least 1" inch.

Jsvand5 - I would have to say that it made it through the shipping well. As for the Pot in the Picture; It is Mine, it was not the Pot it arrived in. It arrived Semi-Rootballed in a smaller pot, I assume to lower the weight and because of Soil Restrictions. Hopefully your tree will arrive with no problems. Best of Luck my Friend.

Yaslan - I will post pictures and give updates as the Tree Progresses. Thanks for the Compliments and interest.

I still have a bunch of Ice Cream Bean / Pacay Plants and Jakfruits if anyone is interested in a trade. Please let me know at:



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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Some nice additions for sure. Hey Jacob, what is your understanding about the Pulasan? Is it supposed to be an airlayer from a hermaphroditic tree?


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Very pretty trees Jacob, congrats. The pulasan is a huge airlayer, very nice. Two more reasons to come visit you.


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Hello Friends,

Harry - As for the Pulasan tree, I have read/heard a few different things regarding the Pulasan trees, their sex, and fruiting. First, I have read that you do in fact need more than 1 tree to get fruit, as there are male and female trees and both are needed to get fruit. I have also read/heard that there are Hermaphrodite trees. As for my tree, I did not enquire as to which sex my tree is, and/or if it is a Hermaphrodite tree. Nor, did I ask the Nursery owner as to what he thinks regarding this issue. What are your thoughts Harry? Do you have some solid information? What I do know is that my tree is in fact an Air-Layer, that's about it. Maybe my tree can get with your tree, and have some Fruit

Anyways, any information would be great as my knowledge is very limited.

Ethan - Thanks for your Kind Words. I agree, we definitely need to get together, although my feelings are a bit hurt since you left me out of the Puerto Rico Trip, and we are on the same team out here in

- Jacob

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How's it looking now that it had a little time to settle in? I have mine coming in tomorrow so I am curious to see how they handle the trip.

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Hi guys,

I know this thread is a bit old, but I thought I'd check in and see how the pulasans are doing. Are they growing well for you? Any flowering? What kind of protection are you giving them in winter? Do you have a sense of what lows they'll tolerate?


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Does anyone here have success with planting a Pulsan Tree either in a greenhouse or in the ground?

I'm thinking of getting one. I'm still holding onto two of my half dead Rambutan trees. Surprisingly, the Rambutan seedlings that I started a few years ago are more cold hardy than the two I bought.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I would advice a greenhouse. I would also check with Jacob and see how his pulasan has done since his post a few years ago. I would want to know this before ordering from the place above.

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Yes, I'm planning to keep it in the greenhouse when I have one. I know it's tough to keep the Rambutans around for too long. I just realized that they not only need cold protection, but will go into dormancy once the Winter comes. Every year, the bigger plants will drop all their leaves and go into dormancy until Spring when the growth will begin all over again. This will set them back to square one and they will always remain the same size if lucky. For the most part, it seems they'll shrink in size year by year.

Knowing that it's so difficult, I'm still trying to keep them around ... just to see how far they'll go before I give up on them. I'm hoping that Pulasan will be an easier plant than Rambutan.

I do remember that you posted pictures of your greenhouse, Ohiojay, and in it you had all kinds of super tropical plants including Rambutans. Were you able to get your Rambutans to fruit in the greenhouse? And yes, it would be nice to hear from Jacob about his Pulasan.

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Hi all,
Please excuse this kind of question, but is the Pulasan this thread is discussing the fruit that is so similar to rambutan?

I've encountered this strange fruit that is eaten like rambutan except that it has no hairs and has spikes instead. I forgot what the name was until the word "pulasan" rang a bell when I read it.


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I've heard that the Pulasan is closely related to Rambutan, but I don't know if their fruits taste identical to one another. I've goggled the images of the Pulsan fruit. The only difference I've noticed is that the spikes of the Rambutan fruit are longer.

Here's a picture that I've goggled. Are you thinking of getting one to plant? I've been thinking of getting one, but before I do, I'd like to find out more info about it .. especially if someone has successfully grown it either in the ground or in the greenhouse.

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