Avocado like Haas?

tropicdudeSeptember 10, 2011

I finally have access to some land in the Caribbean, and will be planting a mini orchard :)

One of the fruits I want to plant is the Avocado, I looked over the PI viewer,and did some research online, and understand that the HAAS doesnt do well in Fla, so I am going to take that as a no go in the tropics also.

My question is, What other Avocado has the texture and oil content similar to the Haas, and can be grown in the humid hot tropics?

So far on my list: Russell, Oro Negro, Miguel, and Simmonds. but I am open to suggestions, what 4 trees would you pick?

The area they will be planted at is semi- arid, lots of heat, and sun, little rain, but will have irrigation.

I also would like to plant a couple lemon trees, was thinking maybe Meyer and Lisbon varieties. what would you experts recommend ?

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there are two basic types of avocado, small black haas that like dry arid conditions and carribean avocados that do well in tropics.

i prefer the oily haas as well, there are varieties popular in Guatemala that seem to be hybrid and produce larger oily avocados, theyre usually darker skinned like Brogdon

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Forget about the Russell avocado its kind of bland and watery tasting. Its nothing like a Haas avocado.

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I was interested in Kona Sharwil, Jan Boyce & Lamb-Hass. I acquired a grafted Hass from Ralph's supermarket for $8 during this past winter.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I would strongly recommend Lula. Brogdan isn't a bad choice either. But as far as oil content, I think it (Lula) comes closest to Haas.


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zands(10b Fl)

Lula is nice and oily. My friend's Lula beared well last year (fall-winter) with the last avocado coming off tree in February. As of today I can see he has a nice new crop of Lula coming along. Day avocado has a good reputation but I never had one and don't know how oily it is.

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Not that it is anything like a Haas, but the Wilson seedless is a creamy buttery excellent tasting avacado. Not great for commercial use but an outstanding choice for a home planting. It does well in South Florida so it should also do well in the Caribbean.

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Wow lots of good choices, thanks for the tips everyone, it will be a couple months before I can put in the trees, need to clear the weeds and put in the irrigation system yet. I am on a budget so this will be a step by step project.

The reason I wanted to know ahead of time, is that most varieties are available locally , an experimental farm has some 180 + trees of every variety you could imagine, and the man in charge can make me grafts of the ones I like.

If a particular variety that I would like to get is not available locally, I could probably bring one over from the States.

the land I'll have available is 2 "Tareas" which is close about 1250 sq meters.

my plan is to take 1 tarea, and plant it with Papaya and Dragon Fruit I should be able to fit 24 plants of each on a 80ft by 80 ft lot.

On the other lot I'll have 4 Avocado, 4 Mango and a whole bunch of other stuff, like Jujube, Lemons, Figs etc.

Lemon and Fig varieties that I want will most likely not be available locally and will probably need to bring them from the US. I have a Meyer tree I brought over already. I purchased a Eureke Lemon from a local nursery but its not doing well in the capitol city, its potted and it rains a lot plus doesn't get more than 4-5 hours of sun.

I'll update on this project once I get it started. someday I hope to have grafts available to those that need them.

Another thing is I intend to keep this as Organic as possible, which will make things harder, I know its possible some stuff will fail, but that's ok, its a hobby / learning experience.

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