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phucvu(10 b oc ca)September 11, 2011

how long for the cherimoya cuttings to grow roots?

i took about 3 cuttings of my aunt's tree and probably the wrong branches, because everybody told me they were too young. it has been a week now and so far it looks like they're dying.

also horrible luck on the sugar apple seeds. i got them to germinate, but one got some kind of fungus and rotted and the other one started to grow, but the part where the leaves emerge also rotted and now i have the root and about 3 inches of growth without any leaves so probably gonna die.

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Cherimoya is not propagated by cuttings. Usually, one would raise cherimoya seedlings and then graft them with a named variety.

Young seedlings are very sensitive to a condition known as damping off, often resulting from too much soil moisture and poor air movement/ventilation.

It easy to kill seedlings by giving them too much water, rather than by keeping them a bit on the dry side.

Also, do not fertilize seedlings until they have several leaves, then start with a weak dosage.

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It was one time I trimmed all the shoots (~10) from rootstock ( I believe it is some kind of Cherimoya) and just inserted them to pots (under the shade of a big tree). They all seemed to grow well in the beginning of 1~2 months. I think it was the soil that caused fungus to kill all of them except one. I couldn't remember exactly how long it would grow root Until one year later I repotted and found it had quite a root underneath. So cutting of cherimoya can be propagated.
Later I grafted my atemoya on top and gave it to my friend.


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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

hmm then it's a slim chance.

but it's ok i like sugar apple more than the rest anyway.

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