Containerized Loquat

iammarcus(6)September 12, 2010

I am thinking of buying a Loquat, has anyone been successful growing it as a container plant (20 gal. container). Will it fruit?


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i have seen them fruiting in nursery containers smaller, they have a pretty shallow root system as well.

container loquats are definitely doable with well draining soil and eventual root pruning.

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I rarely see loquats in containers here because they are very cold tolerant. I have a couple seed grown loquats that are big trees now and we have gotten temps down to 18 F. I've never seen a loquat die from frost.

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Thanks for the encouragement, hopefully my Loquat will be shipped by the end of this next week!

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I have read that both figs and loquats will produce very well in pots. Supposedly they enjoy the root constriction and bloom more because of it. Granted you will not get as many fruit from a potted plant compared to a monster tree in the ground.


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