hjust1(z5/6)February 28, 2007

I've seen several seed magazines that show dwarf blueberry plants and wondered if I put it in a pot so I could use more acidic soil than my yard has, (maybe bagged soil) do you think I could grow a couple plants? I know when I tried in my Payson house the plant seemed to do OK, but of course, no berries.



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I have to tell you blueberies can be tricky even if you have them in a pot with acidic potting soil watering them with our tap water has a detrimental effect on the pH and can cause them to decline and not produce. To do well I think you would have to water them with rain water or distilled water. Especially if you live in Payson. I lived there most of my life. Actually the problem is not just in Payson it is pretty much that way all over the intermountain region. For some reason everyone wants to grow blueberries including my daughter so I tried it two summers ago and the plant has been going down hill since. Despite additional iron chelate, acidifiers, growing in a pot with acidic soil etc.
I honestly would try to grow other more rewarding berries for our area.

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songbirdmommy(UT 5)

I think it is "WoCo" who has had some luck with blueberries down in the Cedar City area. Maybe he shed some light for you.
Mightbe that Cedar is alot cooler than here most days.
I think he saidhis Ph was naturally real low... Highly unusual for UT!
Forgive me if I am wrong and it is not Woco, but it is someone down near Cedar.
I would love to grow blueberries here, and I am going to try this year.
I am yanking out two blue spruces that have seen better days, where one is now, I am going to amend the ground like crazy & plant some blueberries and just pray it will work.
If they do not thrive, atleast I will have tried & gained experience.

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About 10 years ago I tried growing several varieties of blueberries here in Vernal. We built a raised planter out of D logs & filled it with a mixture of a little native soil, lots of sand, & lots of peat moss. I planted four blueberry plants and they all grew beautifully. I couldn't figure out what was happening to the berries, though, as they disappeared with regularity. One day I pulled into my driveway just in time to catch a robin cheerfully downing blueberries. I have no idea how it kept from choking on the berries!

So, it can be done! Just do some research and give it some thought and some work & I'll bet you have blueberries growing at your house. A bird net would probably be a good idea, though. We never did get to eat any of our berries, but that's ok.

I think we must have had that planting mix on the really acidic side, as when we decided to turn that planter into an herb garden, it took some remixing to get the soil to where the herbs did well. But, the herb garden has done very well for a long time, and I'm really pleased with it. I'm glad I tried the blueberry experiment first, though.

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Hey Songbirdmommy, were you able to grow blueberries?

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I have grown blueberries since 1985. You should acidify your water down to at least ph6 (vinegar works). Use pine sawdust, peatmoss and composted horse manure (1 year old) in equal amounts. Buy plants in 3 quart containers at Lowes or Home Depot or nursery. Plants spread their roots in the top foot of soil. Wood chips make a good base and mulch. Watch your leaves as they will indicate problems. USU Extension service has information on blueberry growing. ( 15 to 25 gallon black nursery pots work for plants older than 3 years (3 qt=2year). Start with 6" of wood chips in the bottom.

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