forgot to label my plants

scotty66(8 Hutto TX)April 24, 2012

I built 3 new raised beds this year and each bed holds 5 tomato plants. My plan was to have 1 bed of cherry tomatoes, 1 bed of celebrity tomatoes and the last bed was for big boy tomatoes.

Only while I was buying my plants, on a whim, I bought 1 Mr. stripey and 1 black prince (in place of 1 celebrity and 1 big boy). only I forgot to put the name tags with the plants.

1 of the odd-ball plants is putting on fruit now and the other is starting to flower.

are these going to be Mr. Stripey's or Black Prince's?




These last 2 picture are of my "Husky cherry tomatoes".... just throwing in these pictures because the plants are doing so dang well :)

The Celebrity and Big Boy's are just starting to flower, but the Cherry's are going off!


mouthwatering goodness!

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

You are up a creek without a paddle Scotty until you get a ripe fruit. Then you'll know which is which. Right now it is pretty much 50:50. :)

We get lots of requests to ID plants and when the leaf type is the same it is nigh onto impossible to do.

Consider it a vital gardening lesson learned.


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daninthedirt(Cent TX; USDA z8a, HZ10, Sunset z30)

Wow. You've got some major fruit there. When did you put those in? Mine are all flowering like crazy, my cherry vines are 4 feet tall, and my big 'uns are about a yard high, but I haven't seen a fruit yet. I set plants out first week of March.

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I'm fairly certain #1 is Black Prince and the others are cherries. No Mister Stripey.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

originally i tried to grow my own seeds (started indoors in feb.) but they just get leggy and sickly...

About the second week of march I bought all my tomato plants... they were about a foot tall and I planted them about halfway into the ground. The husky cherries are now about 3' tall, but very bushy (and this is my first year to pinch off suckers because I'm not using cages).

The celebrities are only 3' tall but not so bushy. The big boys are about 4' tall as are my two "odd-balls"... The odd-ball that already has fruit (pictured above) is fairly bushy as well.

I'm really excited to try these two new (to me) tomatoes... All the tomatoes I've eaten before have been red.

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Like grow4free, my money is on black prince in the first pic. My (limited) experience with Mr. Stripey is that it is unusual to see them cluster like that.

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I agree with the others in the Mr. Stripey doesn't cluster like that.

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Wow - Can't speak for the varieties but that sure is mpressive fruit for only 3 1/2 weeks into April !!

And I thought all my flowering plants were way ahead of the growing curve here in Orange county, Ca.

The good news is, you'll probably be happy w/ whatever comes to fruition ;-) Adding different color to a homegrown tomato salad always seems to get oohs and aahs from dinner guests.

Cheers -

Will and the Furry Ones in the OC

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tdscpa(z5 NWKS)

Since they have already been planted, what difference does it make which variety they are? Would you dig them up and move them if you knew?

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

No, it does not make any difference which plant is which.

It was just a case of curiosity and some impatience on my part. Hopefully, even I will be able to tell the difference between a fully ripe mr. stripey and a black prince.

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