Any Other OCD Gardeners Here?

pcanMarch 2, 2011

As you can all appreciate, with Utah seasons it has now been too long since I have been outside working in the yard and I am driving myself crazy with anticipation! For the last month I have drawn out to scale models of my 6 large flower beds and large garden area. I am planning on paper exactly where I am going to place each new plant. I have calculated the exact square foot of each and the exact amount of soil amendments needed for each. I have started making runs to home depot to pick up manure and peat moss and am very excited about the load of compost being delivered. I will soon start raiding the local starbucks for coffee grinds and have ordered some pine straw.

I will have everything ready to go the for the first warm day.

Is it just me or are there others out there with my gardening obsession?

It's just 19 days till spring!!!

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

I have a greenhouse full of plants just waiting to got out into the garden. Winter sowing helps to keep the NEED to garden placated until Spring. I live at 5500 feet so we are more in zone 4 than zone 5. I want spring to get here "NOW".
LOL! Pacing the house looking out of the windows and doors, wandering outside in the cold "Just to have another look"at how things are coming along. Please tell me I am not alone in this?
Last years garden, link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery

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Those are great pictures and you have a beautiful garden!!!

Today is going to be 50' and no rain so I am going to spend the day amending beds. Last year was the first year we planted anything in the yard and I learned a lot. The first two years were spent destroying everything. We have desert soil in most of the yard except for three north facing beds that have clay. I didn't do much with the soil last year, so this year I plan on giving everything a much better start. We have 10 CY of compost sitting in the driveway, a bunch of peat moss and manure that needs attention. My husband has the day off so I convinced him that spending the day in the yard playing in the dirt is great together time lol. Here are some pictures of our back yard when we moved in. My husband thought I was crazy because I saw it as a blank slate that I could play with. Below the before pictures are some pictures of last years beds. But they will look much different this year. More perennials and better soil. I think they will fill in nicely. I will try and take some better pictures sometime this summer.

This is a mother in law house we have in the back.

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OCD Gardners? You mean like losing it and starting my seeds in February last year? (Ever try to harden a 5ft tomato plant before???)

Or perhaps it's that it's November now and I'm reading garden forms, researching seeds, doing the pee pee dance waiting on the new seed catalog from Baker's Creek, etc.

Naa. No OCD Gardening going on here. Not even with the excel spreadsheet where every cell represents 1 square foot and I have overlays for irrigation, beds, and numbering for the holes that cross reference to what I plant there... Did I mention it's a 1/4 acre plot?

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