Does this sound like a Fwang Tung Carambola?

julia42(9a)September 25, 2012

Yesterday I ate the first fruit from my Fwang Tung Carambola. I've been wondering if the tree was mislabeled, because the fruit is a lot yellower than the photos I've seen online. The shape seems right - it's very round and mid-sized, but it's definitely yellow versus white. The one I picked and ate was even yellower than the one in the photo, which is still on the tree.

The taste was very distinctive and I thought this might be where someone could make a guess as to whether it might be Fwang Tung or not. The fruit was sweet, but very mild, tasting much like a pear. There was almost no citrus flavor at all. Additionally, there was a subtle undertone that tasted almost like coconut - a little spicy and tropical. Does this sound like Fwang Tung to you or another variety?


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i've only eaten grocery store star fruits.

"Fwang Tung
Fruit 5 - 8 inches long. Pale yellow skin and flesh. Very sweet and juicy, firm flesh with few seeds."

Here is a link that might be useful: carambola

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Sounds like fwang tung. I havetasted a few and the pear taste and ,ack of citrusy taste is accurate. The other giveaway is the picture. That yellow (instead of orange) color is typical of fwang tung. So yes you seem to have a fwang tung.


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I have three Carambola and wish I had room for more :-)

I'll say this, if you ate supermarket fruit, you don't know what carambola taste like. Eating a tree ripened carambola is Waaayyy... different.

I let mine stay on the tree till they actually start to get brown (age) spots... it's then that they're sweetest and most juicy.

Of my three (Bell, Kari, and Kajang) the Kajang is the best. Now I wish I could taste a Fwang Tung. When I bought the Kajang there was a Fwang Tung there, but I left it because it was scrawny and the Kajang was healthier and full of blossoms. Oh well...

Say, we should have a Carambola tasting event!!!

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Thanks for the confirmation on the Fwang Tung. It was really delicious. Last night we picked the other fruit to make a starfruit cocktail, and as I ate the garnishes, I kept regretting I hadn't just eaten the whole thing fresh.

I have a Kari too, but the fruit hasn't finished ripening on it yet so I haven't tried it. The Fwang Tung was certainly much much tastier than any store bought fruit I've tried - it's hard to even compare the two.

I'm a little concerned that the Fwang Tung needs a pollinator. I have the Kari, but they're on slightly different blooming cycles. So, for example, my Fwang Tung is loaded with blooms right now but not a single fruit has set. I have a couple of solitary-type bees that love them, so I don't think it's for lack of pollinators - my guess is I need to get my Kari blooming too. I noticed when I pruned one of them, it bloomed heavily right after. Maybe I need to try pruning a branch or two of each at the same time and see what happens.

I'll keep an eye out for Kajang. Although mine are in pots, and I'll have to haul them into the garage during freezes, so we'll see if I still want another after this winter...

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I have a Fwang Tung. I can't find any definite information whether the tree is self pollinating or needs a cross pollinator. Nor can I find whether it is a short or long style and what if any variety, I will need for cross pollination. Anyone know?

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My three carambola will set fruit within a week or two at max of flowering, and I have not seen a bee around here in a L-O-N-G time! So after it flowers look for little green fruits developing and the tree will answer your question for you.

I will say this, when my trees were young, I did not set fruit so I (and my GF) pollinated with little makeup brushes and got fruit straight away!

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