RL Earl's Faux & Stump of the World

Ohiofem(6a Ohio)April 2, 2013

I can only grow nine tomato plants, and I'm planning to grow one each of nine different kinds. I have three starts of each kind and intend to choose the best one of each type when it comes time to plant out. Two of my choices -- stump of the world and Earl's Faux -- are supposed to be potatato leaves, but in each case one of my seedlings appears to be a regular leaf plant. I purchased the seeds from Tomato Growers Supply. I've been very careful about labeling and don't believe I've mixed up any seeds. The seeds were planted March 9 and look healthy. But it looks like the RL plants are a little larger. Should I just reject them out of hand, or should I consider the possibility that they are true to type? How often does this happen?

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

In my opinion you should select seedlings with the correct leaf type and hope for the best and yes, both are PL.

I think it's much better to select for the correct leaf type than to select the strongest seedlings.

I've not heard of anyone having RL for either of them, but let me check Tania's database right now to check.

Of those who reported about each variety all got PL foliage.

I don't know how many seeds you sowed to get the three starts of each variety but the statistical probabability of getting an off type for both varetieis is low. So if you feel comfortable about it you might want to contact TGS and tell them about you offtypes for both varieties and the # on the back of the pakets and when you bought the seeds since they need to know that to know which batch of seeds was sold,


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Ohiofem(6a Ohio)

Thanks for the advice, Carolyn. I planted about six seeds of each and culled three before they were big enough to tell what kind of leaves they had. It was only when I was transplanting them that I noticed the issue. I will let TGS know. I have been very pleased with their offerings for several years, so I am surprised by this.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

It would have been much better if you could have said 1/6 or 3/6 PL's for each variety since that would give some indication if you were dealing with a stray seed(s) or not, which can be a problem when seeds are taken from bulk and packaged.

I've known Linda Sapp, now owner of TGS, since her husband Vince died several years ago, since about 1990 and what she offers as seeds, with few exceptions, have been true, so this surprises me as well.


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I planted 6 seeds this year and got 5 RL seedlings and 1 PL. I planted the PL and 1 RL. The RL produced 3 big, beautiful, tasty toms that look exactly like the photos on Taniana's website. The PL toms aren't ready yet. It looks like they need another 2 weeks at least. Admittedly, I got the seed in an exchange.
John A

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I've been getting both PL and RL seedlings from Stump of the World since 2003. Saved PL seed and saved RL seed each produce PL and RL seedlings. Tomatoes from PL and RL plants tasted the same. My source for seed was Chuck Wyatt.

If one runs across a tomato called Perpetual Change, it's this PL and RL version of Stump of the World.


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