seedling problems for amature

l979April 10, 2012


This is the second year we start seeds at home and we are running into some problems. The tips started to brown just before we transplanted and it continues after too. The two first pics shows that problem. Also some plants are yellow and skinny which is pictured in the last picture. The seeds we planted is Amish paste, Risentraube , Black from Tula and Black krim. Both problems seem to happen to all kinds. We used miracle gro and schultz seed starter to start the seeds and now we transplanted them into miracle gro potting mix. For light we have flouresent Daylight bulb and a soft white I think (3000K). Also we fertilized them once before transplant with a weak 5-4-3 fish emulsion.

Thanks for taking your time!


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Yellowing leaves often indicate overwatering in seedlings and those dark edges could be too much fert but I am not really much of an expert. I do start hundreds of tomatoes most years and I dont feed them much at all until they get bigger. Then really weak, maybe 1/4 strength of houseplant type fert for a little nitrogen. Hopefully, Dig Dirt, Carolyn or one of the other experts that post here will soon take a look. Next time put the word "photos" in your headline. It is much easier to help folks when they post a pix, so call attention to it and you may get better response. Good luck. LInda

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Thanks for your input! It's good to hear that. We had some problems with thrips on some other plants and were afraid they spread something... which they did on those ones. We have around 500 mixed plants started and don't wanna throw them all away.

John, Mpls

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Too much fertilizer would be my guess for the leave ends problems. As you have grown under lights, be sure to harden off slowly.

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People forget that MG potting mix has ferts in it. Not enough to grow a crop of veggies but young toms are very sensitive to ferts. That with the added fish ferts too much for them.

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Agree with ferts, but it also looks like some of your plants are also showing overwatering symptoms as well. MG soil is very water retentive, and gets waterlogged a little too easy for my liking.

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Hello again,
You guys were right about the ferts. The tip burn slowed down a week or two after transplant, I probably overfertilized them before that. The yellow spindly ones are still the same even after cut down on watering. I don't know if replanting them in a different soil could do them better?

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

replanting will help

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