Ok, What USDA Zone is Salt Lake Valley?

pcanMarch 14, 2011

I have been doing a lot of research on what zone I am. Depending on the USDA Zone finder tool I use it shows anywhere from Zone 5 to Zone 7.

So a paid a lot of attention this winter and did some research and found out that Salt Lake valley has it's own micro climate. The mountains to the east and north block the artic cold temps from hitting, unlike most other areas at our elevation and latitude.

If what I read online is correct, my zip has not been below 0'F since 1990.

I think that makes me a zone 7, unless we have an extremely cold winter.

Has anyone else contemplated this? And what have you found?

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Zones here are pretty tough to nail down. sometimes it can go from 4 to 6 in a single zip code.

To make matters worse, zones are really misunderstood and misused. If you follow the true meaning for the zone, you'd probably be a zone 7, but most people think that means that you can plant your garden in early March and harvest into November. But your average last frost in the spring is probably sometime on May and your first frost in the fall is probably sometime in October.

So take the zones with a grain of salt.

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ive always been told by local nurseries that the valley of slc is zone 5.5 :)
i would be suprised that there could be anywhere in slc that has not seen sub zero temps since 1990. we live in bluffdale and had zero temps for a couple days.

(ps, anyone know how to subscribe to posts, or view my recent posts as on other forums?)

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"ps, anyone know how to subscribe to posts, or view my recent posts as on other forums?"

AFAIK, it can't be done. The closest you can come to that is when you start a thread, you can check a box to have replies emailed to you. You can only do that when you start the thread (no going back and adding it later) and once you check it, you can't change your mind and stop the emails.

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