How Do You NOT Kill Tropical Trees?

gardenathome(9B/10)September 12, 2010

Hi, Guys! Thanks sooo much again for everyone's help with letting us know how we can protect our trees from the strong winds here. We managed to get something up, but it needs some improvising for the real Santa Ana winds. :-)

In the meantime, we were doing more reading up on the forum and was surprised to know that many members have said they had killed mango trees, lychees, avocados, etc. We're curious to know how... Aside from over-watering, over-fertilizing, what are the other common issues that you could make us aware of? :-)

Many thanks!!!!!

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I would say transplant shock is one of the leading causes for killing my plants. I lost a avocado about a month or so ago because of this. Transplant shock can lead to a variety of problems like over watering (due to the plant not taking up water). Also fertilizer burn can be a killer on the more tender plants that don't like as much fertilizer.

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I inadvertently killed a banana, a pineapple 8 manderine orange trees and 5 pawpaw trees with too strong a solution of liquid fertilizer. The loss of the orange trees set my program back about 3 years.

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Andrew Scott

I learned the importance of having a good soil mix for my potted trees but I would say that it would be an issue for even growing in the ground. I have lost quite a few trees to this until I made my own mix this year.

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Grow them in a real tropical area .

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