Oh Lovely Springtime!!

mary_maxMarch 24, 2007

I am having such a wonderful time out in the garden. After what seemed to be such a long winter (the inversion almost did me in.... I was a basket case) I am so glad to have springtime. I am enjoying each and everyday so much. I just dread wintertime again if it is like this last January. Is this inversion thing common in the winters around here? Will we have that to go through again? UG!!!

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"Is this inversion thing common in the winters around here? Will we have that to go through again? UG!!!"

Yes to both questions. Not always as long, but you can count on seeing inversions pretty much every year.

As far as spring goes, we're having spring weather now, but it's supposed to snow again Tuesday and Wednesday, according to the forecast in this morning's paper.

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beth4(z5 - Utah)

I welcome the snow (moisture, and maybe a chance to go skiing again), but I hope it stays on the benches and in the mountains. My apricot tree is beautifully in bloom now -- it looks like it could be growing back east, it is so heavy with blossoms. So, I definitely don't want any freezing to affect the apricots!

Bring on the rains; bring on the snow.


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stevation(z5a Utah)

It looks like the curse of the frozen apricot blossoms will be upon us this week. This has happened a lot in recent years, and many Utahns complain that they can't get a good apricot crop in many years. According to weather.com, it's going to get to a low of 32 degrees on Tuesday and 28 on Wednesday in Salt Lake & Utah valleys. I think that will kill many of the apricot blossoms/fruits this year. :-(

I'm glad my nectarine, cherries and apples flower a little later. I don't have an apricot, but there's one across my back fence. They have been flowering beautifully this week.

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