Prune how soon after transplanting

TnTRobbieSeptember 25, 2011

Hi all,

I bought a Lancetilla a week ago, and in the ground it stands at 5ft 7" already. I want to control it's height (12ft max) so should I wait a month or so before pruning (to 3 ft) since it's newly transplanted? I don't want it to die. Thanks.



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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

I would prune now, it may actually help it establish without the roots having to supply the upper parts you remove.

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You want to use the html tags. Here are your pics:


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Thanks for the hmtl help and tip Tom.

pj1881, I'm going to go ahread and prune it today. Kind of a shame since all three lateral branches are showing signs of growth buds. But I should be thinking long term here for size management. Thanks all.

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An update:

After pruning my 5' 7" tall inground Lancetilla tree, I re-positioned the orientation of the buds towards maximum sunlight as possible on the 4th day.

Initial after planting

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After pruning

Uploaded with

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1 Day after pruning

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7th Day after pruning. Those are small ants on the buds.

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8th Day after pruning

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Also at the 4th day, I coaxed the growth a bit using 1 tsp Peter's Professional Plant food 24-8-16 and watered it daily since the SoFla weather has been fullsun and dry for the past 6-7 days.

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Follow up: Day 14

Uploaded with

Day 16

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What a contrast to the first pic. Really glad I pruned it. I'll stop with the pics for now till I'm ready to harvest my first Lancetilla.

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1 month after

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