How long does it take for true leaves to develop?

michelelcApril 4, 2010

I started my tomatoes from seed about 3 wks ago and I still don't have true leaves. I started them in a dome, and put them under lights as soon as they germinated. But, I still have not true leaves. How long do true leaves take to develop?



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It seems like forever sometimes! lol...Mine, typically, will germinate in 5-15 days & right after they do, will start growing nice looking Cotyledons for about 2 weeks. Then, finally you see a tiny set of leaves trying to grow in the middle and bam! They take off. Patience. =) You have any pictures? Sounds like within a week or so yours will start to grfow their first true set of leaves.

- Steve

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Thanks, I will try to be patient! I don't have any pics right now.

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timmy1(6a ri)

I'm getting true leaves in 14 days from seeding and transplanting on the 17th day. This is under ideal conditions 75* days and 67* nights.

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You don't play around do you Timmy?

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I get my true leaves usually in less than a week from the day the seeds sprout, and pot up at 17 or 18 days from the day I planted the seed, and by that time the plants are working on their second set of true leaves. But I really baby my plants. During daylight they sit out in the sun outside on my patio, and at night I take them inside and put them under my powerful fluorescent lights for another five or six hours, and the indoor temperature under my reflective blankets is usually 80 to 88 degrees. My plants are stocky selling size in about six weeks from the day I planted the seed. Plants I started in mid February to the end of February my customers report are over two feet high and have flowers on them, and that's after planting them deep like I recommend they do.

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I must have some sort of mutant tomato seeds...XD I planted 6 Black Krim seeds about a week ago (I am only doing a really small garden). 3 of those sprouted after 5 days of planting. After having sprouted 3 days ago, two of those are an inch high and already starting to grow true leaves. Is that normal? It seems to me that it's really fast compared to the other variety I planted a month ago. I planted Red Siberian a month ago, and they grew slower than this--they didn't get true leaves until at least a week after sprouting. The Black Krim seeds are a year newer than the Red Siberian--could that have something to do with it? Or maybe the seed company I got them from? Or because they're different varieties?

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hoosier40 6a Southern IN

Black Krim's are very vigorous growers, at least for me. The ones I grew this year were from three year old seed and they grew as good or better than any new seed of other varieties.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Different varieties. Different genetics. Can't really compare the performance of them with any accuracy. Like comparing why one child growes taller or faster or wider than another. :)


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