Safety concerns regarding Bayer Advanced Protect and Feed

yellowthumb(5a Ontario)September 16, 2011

While reading this product labels, just noticed that it can also be used on edidable fruit trees such as apple trees. Also read somewhere that there are other Bayer products targeting fruit orchards, and the main ingredients are the same, Imidacloprid.

This gets me thinking. While I have been very careful about applying this product into my container plants. At the mean time, am I just consuming plenty of it just from the fruits I bought from the grocery store?


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murahilin(10 fl)

Yes and you're probably also consuming bits of migrant laborer fecal matter from the fruits in the grocery store.

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Sheehan - you really had to go there, didn't you...

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yellowthumb(5a Ontario)

I will happily apply Bayers to my container plant tomorrow. If you ever read the 64 dollar tomato book, there is a chapter about "There is no organic apple in NY". The author has been trying organic and struggling for years, finally figured out his dad secret, then he happily mixed his systemic orchard mix with a big relief.

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