Garlic in the garden

crossoverApril 14, 2008

I recently went to the seed exchange at the Salt Lake City Library. I received a little baggy full of garlic cloves to plant. I've been researching how to plant them and it seems that fall plantings are best but some people plant in the spring and do just fine. The only problem is that itÂs a little late to do that. From what IÂve read February and March are the months for planting garlic. IÂm wondering if anybody has planted in mid-April and done well. Also, what is the best way to store the cloves for a fall planting. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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I plant in the fall. Last fall November 1. The harvest is around the end of June. It gives you enough time to plant behind the garlic. I usually plant bush beans.

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Have you ever planted garlic in the spring? If so, how did it work out?

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I never planted in the spring. They might just spike to flower but I don't know. Onion sets want to flower at the expense of growing a large bulb which is why serious onion growers start with plants. You could try it and see what happens. The cloves you have are last years garlic and probably won't be much good in November. Just speculation, I don't really know.


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you got the garlic from me. you can plant it anytime. it will produce better if you put it in in fall because it has a head start rooting and will divide it's cloves when it freezes. the stuff i gave you is seed and would not have been large enough to divide this last winter.

i have planted garlic year round. it always grows. but plant it soon, because the seeds will dry out and die, especially the kind i gave you. infact do not pull the clove until you are ready to use it as it only stores a few weeks out of dirt. you can harvest during the winter if you want fresh garlic then. just plant some next to south wall and it will stay pretty active for you winter harvesting. keep some in cooler places for summer havesting. i plant all over the yard for pest control and just pull for cooking whatever looks best at a given time. you can lift and divide whenever the clove is large enough, but you will get the most growth if you do that in fall so the roots are established for the next season and the plant is no disturbed when it is warm and growing the fastest.

it is very cold hardy so you cannot plant too early. the only way to kill it is deliberately. pulling it, over watering (not much chance of that in Utah), or by completely drying out the clove in heat sahara desert style. don't worry about having success. stick it in the ground and forget about it and it will do fine.

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Thanks kliddle, I have already planted most of it. I have a small amount stored in my refrigerator for fall. I guess that I should take those out and plant them.

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