Tips on planting avocado trees

JeffDM(San Diego - 10)September 16, 2012

I've given up my plans to try and grow my avocado trees in containers and have decided to plant them in the ground.

I have a Holiday, Hass and Fuerte - all about 7'tall and I still plan to prune them when they reach about 8'.

My backyard can get windy so I've selected spots close to the house and side fences.

I'm preparing raised beds with amended soil and mounds.

I've got some clay soil, but one spot tested OK (15 min.) for water draining out of a 2' deep hole and the other spot is where I removed an in ground spa and back filled with good soil.

I plan to plant the Holiday by itself and the Hass/Fuerte in the same raised bed.

What soil amendments are recommended - what might I be forgetting to do?

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JeffDM(San Diego - 10)

I guess there were no tips or advice to be had here.
I guess this is NOT the place I thought it was.

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This forum used to be more active about a year ago.

Since then a lot of members have migrated to That site is very active and im sure youd get an answer to your question there.


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Fwiw some sources state that you dont want to amend the soil at all. Be aware that avocado trees are more sensitive to overwatering than other fruit trees. They do not like areas of the yard where the water table is high or there isbstanding water after it rains. Plant tree a couple inches above surrounding ground


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