Growing magnolias in Cache Valley

arctictropical(Z4)April 20, 2012

It's been amazing to see magnolia trees blooming in Cache Valley this Spring. They have survived for decades in Logan, Hyrum, Nibley, and even in the coldest part of the valley where I live, southwest of Logan. I've got about 8 magnolia trees that even survived the -20 temperature Thanksgiving morning, 2010 when trees had not become totally dormant. I had some that had die back to the trunk and survived, but had a few that had no die back at all. The most suprising one has been the Sweetbay 'Moon Glow' magnolia that looks a lot like the southern magnolias with their glossy evergreen leaves. It's ignores the frigid temperatures and blooms every year.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

It is not the cold that is the killer of these plants! It is the PH of the soil! seems as though the soil there is to there liking.

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Yes... PH definitely makes a difference. Some tolerate alkaline soil better than others.

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