Weeping White Spruce (aka Picea glauca Pendula)

gr8redoakApril 24, 2009

We planted a weeping white spruce in our backyard about 2 years ago and half of it has been turning brown. Wasn't sure if we needed to supplement it with fertilizer, etc. Any suggestions??

Also, when the cones appear on the tree, are you supposed to remove them or let them remain?

Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Check the bark for tiny holes. Sound like borer beetles to me.
Get a systemic bug killer (BAYER ADVANCED) Tree ans Shrub protect and feed. This stuff kills the bugs INSIDE the tree. Leave the cones alone they will fall on there own. Hope this helps sorry I did not see your post sooner.

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Hello - I'm a complete newbie to this forum but hoping that someone will have some enlightenment that can help with what appears to be a dying Weeping White Spruce.

My young tree, which I guesstimate to be about 3.5 feet tall, is exhibiting the same browning that the OP had described in this thread. The tree, which I planted last summer, is located in an area of the lawn that gets mostly dappled afternoon sun. I've provided it with regular watering since planting it last year. It looked great in the early spring but over these past couple months has exhibited this significant browning and needle loss.

Unless someone chimes in with an alternate treatment, I'll plan on using the same Bayer product that was suggested here. So far, I've not been able to eyeball any insect activity that might explain these woes.

I'd be grateful for any additional input as I really do not want to lose the tree. Thank you!!

Best, Brett

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