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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)April 29, 2008

Is anyone aware of any gardening clubs in Utah that meet regularly, preferably in the Salt Lake valley?

I looked around online awhile back but didn't really find anything. I know there is a "Garden Club Center" in Sugarhouse Park, but the only thing I found related to that was the Utah Rose Society that meets there. I also noticed at least one club on water gardening, but nothing on general gardening.

Perhaps there is a Sugarhouse Garden Club, but they have no web presence?

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What kind of garden club are you looking for? Veg or decorative? I have noticed a slight attitude of disinterest when I talk to most people about growing food. I'm not sure if that is a Utah thing or if it is general in America.

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bindersbee(6a UT)

There used to be a Centennial Garden Club of Sandy that boasted over 350 members at one time. They met at the Sandy City Senior Center though it wasn't just seniors who attended, of course. I was involved with the club back in the 90's- not sure if they are still meeting.

I will be starting a garden club in a couple more years. I'm waiting for the classroom building to be constructed at the Conservation Garden Park (Jordan Valley Water Conservancy Dist. Gardens) at 8200 South 1300 West. Fundraising is going well so the building may be built sooner rather than later. Once the building is done and we have that great setting to meet in (have to have a free place to meet so that there is no money/fees connected to the club).

I hope the Sandy one is still going. They were meeting monthly except Jan/Feb.

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utahgardening(UT Z5)

i wish that there were a club to join. i would love to hear about one as well. i live in weber county, but would happily travel to salt lake in order to meet with fellow gardeners to share ideas, seeds, plant exchanges, etc!

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From the evening classes I took at Thanksgiving Point, I know that there are master gardener clubs/associations/activities, but that may be more of a time commitment than you are looking for. I'm sure there are some master gardeners here that could give more information on their activities and volunteer efforts, but all that I'm familiar with are classes they teach some Saturdays at Thanksgiving Point for about $5 each.

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tunnymowg(z6b Salt Lake)

Thanks all! I am mainly interested in the decorative/design side of things although I do also have a small raised bed veggie garden.

I have a fair amount of landscaping to do, am new to it all but very excited to learn and can easily see this turning into a serious and passionate hobby. I'm also looking to make some new friends, so getting into a club would be ideal.

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We should form a Garden Club in Sandy, UT, meeting at the Senior Center. Am mostly interested in vegies, but it should be open to all. I am trying to start a non profit seed 'cooperative' purchasing group. I currently have green bean and snow pea seeds if anyone is interested.

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bindersbee(6a UT)

I know this is an old thread but I wanted to update that I have followed through on my promise to start a Garden Club in the future. I (and anyone else I can drag in with me)WILL be launching a Salt Lake Valley-based Garden Club next Spring. We have an incredible facility to meet in- the new Ed Center @ Conservation Garden Park- and a 5 acre botanical garden to call "Home". Anyone interested in helping get the club started is more than welcome to help!

It's a lot of work to get something like this launched but we have the help and support of Conservation Garden Park to do it- though they want the group to be self-managed.

The club will be a free thanks to the contributions from Conservation Garden Park but, in return, they have requested that we have a service component with the Garden being the recipient. Could be required hours of service or a simple Day of Service- that can be decided by the Club.

The only thing I am insisting on is that there will be a HEAVY web presence so that even those who can't attend meetings regularly can be totally involved.

If you are interested in helping or staying updated on the progress of the club, "friend" Jordan Valley Garden Club on FB or check the website link below. If you want to help, just post a note on the wall or on this thread and I will contact you. I just created the FB group and placeholder website and they are not going to be regularly updated for some time but it will at least keep you connected.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jordan Valley Garden Club- Future Website

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I would like to help I left a message on your Future website.

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Does anyone know if there's a garden club in SLC? I would love to join one. I normally have a black thumb, but keep trying to grow veggies my family can eat.

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bindersbee(6a UT)

Our Garden Club will begin meeting regularly in July 2012 at Conservation Garden Park in West Jordan, Utah (Salt Lake Valley).

We are having a big event on June 9th. In the morning we'll have a plant sale and special lectures. Lauren Springer-Ogden will be speaking that morning!

The evening of June 9th we'll have a kick-off party for the Home & Garden Club. I will say that this club is set up to be a mentor-student kind of thing (unofficially). That means we are interested in having members with expertise who can help mentor those who are new and learning. In order to attract the widest range of participants, we have made it a HOME & Garden Club which means some months there are home-related topics. Most of the time, topics relate to both indoors and outdoors (ex: Creating Curb Appeal). I'm still finishing the website but I am posting a link below to the webpage. If you click on the classes and events tabs you can see what we have planned.

We will also have a full season of landscape-only classes for Conservation Garden Park and they will be listed on the website in the next week or two. These classes are not set up 'club' style but cover everything from landscape design to irrigation basics to plant maintenance. Classes are free, small charge for 'special events'.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jordan Valley Home and Garden Club

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