What are you growing in your garden this year?

sf_mia(5)May 20, 2013

Hi all,

I'm new to Northern Utah. We moved here in december. We were from San Diego where the growing season is year round. Since I am not in a permanent place I am growing in containers this year.

So far I have 3 tomato plants and some lettuce/spinach starts going. I also have a bush cucumber plant started and some mammoth sunflowers. It's all trial for me as I have not grown in this climate before.

What are you guys growing this year? I am curious to see what variety is grown here in Utah.

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Tomatoes peppers and onions are always staples for our salsa. Beans and vine crops (pumpkin, watermelon, cantalope, squash) do well during the heat of the summer. About august I will plant the cool weather crop for fall = broccoli, cabbage, peas, lettuce, etc.

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Tomatoes, sweet peas, parsley. Just starting the green onions, as I'm told they are vigorous to the point of taking over here. Mint and lemon balm came up from last year. Sunflowers getting huge. Only my second year gardening at all, ever. But I have a friend with a market garden farm going for her Master Gardener certification, I've been picking her brains.

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laurie143(5b Utah)

Hi, I am growing sweet peppers, jalapeno peppers, Hungarian wax peppers and anahime peppers, potatoes, corn, cantelope, watermelon, yellow squash, zucchini, tomatoes mini and large, bush beans, radishes, and slice and pickle cucumbers. All are doing well right now.

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I had an incredibly productive garden this year with 12 different varieties of tomatoes, probably 20 varieties of peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, squash, melons, beets, potatoes, kale, and herbs. There has been a real learning curve with mountain gardening! Every year I learn a little bit more.

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I made a big list (mostly for myself so I can remember next year) but seems like I could share it here :)

I like to try all sorts of things. Some I know about, some I donâÂÂt.

I put the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: What I am planting this year in my garden.

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abq_bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)

I'm doing a landscape project at my sister's house this year - it's new construction, so there is absolutely nothing in the yard except weed grasses, a few apple trees lining the road, a lone peony and tiny iris clump - left-overs/survivors from before the construction began.

I'm in Sevier county, so had to bring in all of my starts that had been hardening off outside for the past week or so due to the hard freeze last week and forecast hard freeze tonight (GRRR!).

What I've got going so far:
Amaranthus caudatus (Love Lies Bleeding)
Hyacinth Bean
Cypress Vine
German & Roman Chamomile
Wormwood Absinthe
False Indigo
Threadleaf coreopsis
Sky Pilot (Phacelia sericea - this grows wild on the foothills & mountains here)

She's hoping for a chamomile/creeping thyme lawn, and I as a home brewer, I'm hoping to plant some hops vines as well. I've got a ton of other seeds to consider.

She's not much of a gardener, so I'm thinking easy, obnoxious even, plants:
Evening Primrose
Breadseed Poppy
Sweet Pea
Blue Flax
California Poppy

And the list goes on :)

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jonathanpassey(Utah z5)

Hi all. Glad to see the Utah forum getting a bit of traffic. I'll have to check back more often.

@GardenLax, I Like your list with pictures. Looks great.

@abq_bob, I know nothing about ornamental plants or landscaping, just vegetables. But I am trying herbs this year and have a few that are also on your list.

I am in PG and i have these Growing in my garden:

cutting lettuce
kennebec potatoes
spaghetti squash
field pumpkins
butternut squash
crookneck summer squash
sugar snap peas
8 varieties of tomatoes.
6 varieties of peppers
pole beans
and lots of herbs

I inconsistently post pictures of my garden at jonathanpassey.com

Here is a link that might be useful: jonathanpassey.com

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Thanks for sharing everyone. Last year my tomatoes did pretty good but I only got one Cucumber from my plant.

This year In containers I have:
3 Roma Tomato plants
4 cherry tomatoes
1 Pickling cucumber
1 Honey dew
4 Jalapenos
1 Serrano
1 Lime Thyme
1 Rosemary
1 Goji Berry
3 Mammoth Sunflowers
1 Tomatillo Verde

Everything was from the nursery nearby except the Mammoth Sunflowers were from seed. I have the cucumber in the same container as the sunflowers with the idea that the cucumber will climb up the stalks of the sunflowers. We shall see how that goes. The tomatillo is new to me, I thought I would try it this year. Although I have read that I might need another one so that they can pollinate each other. So far lots of flowers but I don't see any fruits. :(

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New year, much of the same stuff as last. Tomatoes and peas, Anaheims and jalepeños. Getting a few tiny strawberries. The spinach and lettuce are infested with leaf miners. Green onions, leeks, lemon balm and mint, lavender and thyme came back. And sunflowers, masses of sunflowers. Too much, but nothing else was growing over there, and even they have a lot of leaves chewed up, so we wait and see.

Tried California poppy seeds, but none have appeared.

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