Free Canby Raspberry starts.

spyfferoni(z/5 UT)May 18, 2007

If anyone wants some starts I have plenty. Just come and dig em up and they are yours. I'd normally dig them up for you, but I am moving half of my patch and still have to get my garden in.

send me a message at

spyfferoni at yahoo dot com.


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how do i prune the canby raspberries. most things i read say only prune 2 year old canes but someone said prune them all clear down to the ground and that they bear on this years canes. what is correct? how do i prune and when

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I'm not sure of the type of raspberry that I have (was here when we moved in, label says "Raspberry") but here's my limited experience.

The plant was probably planted right before we moved in, and there was very limited growth the first year. The second year, I hardly remember seeing it. It didn't grow much, maybe two or three canes and it did not produce fruit. This year, there are 20+ starts in probably a 1x1.5 foot square area. Although I noticed some canes that were completely bare (no leaves, etc) I am guessing that they were from prior year's growth, and I've read that the canes don't live after they bear fruit (2 years). I've notice that there are maybe 3 or 4 blossoms where fruit is now developing (either incredibly small or early in development). My guess would be that they are from last year's growth. The new starts have no blooms at this point.

The only thing that you would do right now (June) is to cut out the dead canes (no leaves) or any damaged, diseased, or weak looking canes. You may also want to thin them out, if they are too thick, it will limit air flow, sunlight, and cause problems like disease or weak growth.

The point you made about pruning to the ground is one approach I've read about for ever bearing varieties. That type can be cut within two inches of the ground in the fall and just produce a summer harvest instead of a light spring harvest and a summer harvest. I think Canby is a mid-season bearer, so I wouldn't do that in your situation.

After you pick fruit in summer/fall, cut the canes that you picked from. I've read that older canes appear more "woody", but again, this is something to do in the fall.

My problem is that our current raspberry plants are overwhelming a grape vine, so I'm looking to transplant everything to a different location, although that should have happened already this year, I'm hoping that the dramatic increase in starts this year means the roots are good and strong. Besides, it doesn't look like much fruit is coming this year, so a move now will help get the plants established for next year's crop.

My big question is about the type of barrier to put into the new bed to contain the starts and keep them out of the lawn as much as possible. I've read that 8-12 inches down is a good distance, but what material should be used? Anyone have ideas or experience?

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stevation(z5a Utah)

I've been growing Canby raspberries for the past six years, and taking care of them is pretty simple if you just follow these rules:

1. After you collect the fruit (which is usually late June or early July), cut all the canes that bore fruit down to the ground.

2. All around should be younger, greener canes that started growing this year. Leave them alone, and they will bear fruit next year in the summer.

If you have a new planting, just let them grow until you see some canes start fruiting, which would probably be in the summer the year after you plant them.

These are great raspberries, partly because the canes are nearly thornless (there's just a tiny bit of prickliness on very young canes). They also taste great. These are also called Bear Lake Raspberries.

There are other varieties of raspberry that fruit twice a year -- once in the spring on canes from last year, I think, and then in the fall on new canes (which will also bear in the following spring). I haven't tried them, but if you have one of those, the pruning requirements are different.

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Does anyone live in the Salt Lake area who might have free Canby raspberry starts? Or is it too late to plant them?

Thanks for any information. We love Bear Lake Raspberries.

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spyfferoni(z/5 UT)

I think that spring would be the best time to plant raspberries, or maybe fall, but the small starts come up in the Spring. I'm sure I'll have a bunch in the Spring and I could send some down with my husband, we live in Springville, but he works in Salt Lake.

Stevation---How long do your Canbys bear fruit? Mine are about done. I've had problems the last couple of years with cholorsis. They'll start out great, and as soon as they start bearing fruit they get the yellowing and such. I called the home extension here and talked with someone who recommended adding coco fiber which has a ph of 5 to my raspberry beds in addition to compost and iron/iron sulfate.
I also need to thin out my patch. I am going to try moving a
large portion of the patch and try adding the amendments to the soil to see if I get better luck.

Something funny that my 3 yr old daughter said when I told her we were going to make some jam, "Don't squish em, just eat em!"


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stevation(z5a Utah)

Hey Tyff,

I started harvesting on June 20th, and it got better and better for a few weeks after that. It's been tapering off for the past week or so, and they're pretty much done now. We picked a small bowl of them tonight, and there will still be a few small pickings left this week, but most of what remains on the canes is drying up now.

Last year, I noticed some chlorosis on mine, and I sprayed the leaves with an iron solution after the fruiting was all done. I haven't seen it happening again this year, but it might start again soon.

I have noticed one improvement in my patch this year -- I installed a strong rotating shrub head sprinkler on a three foot riser a few months ago, so they're getting more water than in the past. My new shoots this year are really getting tall already and they're much thicker than last year. So, I think we're headed for an even better crop next summer with all this vigorous new growth!

One more thing -- I was at a friend's house today and he had me pick some of his raspberries, but I was surprised how bland the flavor was! Maybe I'm spoiled with these Canbys, but mine sure have a lot of sweetness in them. These are great berries!

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I live in Dallas, TX. I decided to plant my canby in a pot for starters because I read I shouldn't plant them near blackberry(thornless). I noticed they are not doin well in the pots. Does anyone have a suggestion what I should do?

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Does anyone have any canby plants for free in louisiana?

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Do you have more canby starts? I have a neighbor who shares her garden with me and this year she said she wanted me to plant something a bit more tasty than summer squash!

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