which sapodilla self-pollinating?

jun_(8b-9a)September 7, 2011

Does anyone know which sapodilla varieties need cross-pollination and which ones are self-fertile?

I have a makok that flowered profusely but never fruited. I want to buy another variety, but a self-fruitful one.



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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I have one called "Prolific" that fruits by itself.

How old is your tree and how many years has it bloomed? Mine bloomed a few years before it started making fruit, and it has increased in yield every year since. Patience may be all you need.

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I have an Alano Sapodilla tree that is self-fruitful.

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How big is your makok? Makok is usually extremely precocious. I have one that's 8 inches tall with a fruit on it :-). Usually the ratio of flower to fruit on the makok is nearly 1:1. I have to thin the fruit to get them to size up.

It's hard to say whether a tree is self-fruitful because there are sapodilla trees all over the place here in South FL.


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murahilin(10 fl)

Have you tried hand pollinating your flowers? Your tree may just be lacking a pollinator and it may be self fruitful. This may be a way to avoid having to buy another tree that might not fruit either because of lack of pollinators.

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I have a Makok that had a couple of fruits on it when it was just a few feet tall, but they fell off. I figure the tree was too young. Today the little tree is nearly ~5' tall and I expect next season it will hold fruit for me.

I think it will bear fruit for you as good as any other.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I have a makok and haysa and both self pollinate. I think if you leave the tree at an area with lots of flies or insects, they will pollinate the flowers for you. I left mine on the deck and I saw a lot of flies and bees around the tree. I didn't have to pollinate the flowers for fruits.

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For interest, my makok is a poor producer and has been in ground for 3.5 years. I plan on planting a Haysa nearby.

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I have a variety called "Silas Wood" planted in the front of the house, and an "Alano" planted in the back of the property. Silas Wood is a very prolific bearer. It produces so many fruits all year around that it bends the limbs. I strongly recommend, the " Silas Wood" variety. Alano is a shy bearer here in the Southwest coast of Florida.

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I have a large sapodilla that has been growing in my back yard for over 7 years and only once gave a single large round fruit that was dried out. I fertilized and fertilized and have gotten a lot of flowers but not fruit. I went and purchased a Hasya sapodilla graftling and placed it in the ground near the tree. Hopefully this will get both to pollinate each other. I am in West Fort Lauderdale and have a lot sapodilla trees within blocks of my home but hopefully my luck will turn around soon. So, your not the only one waiting.

Best of luck,


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rayandgwen, i bought my tree @5feet in a 3gal last year. It flowered the following season. old and big enough to at least have one fruit, I think.

swrancher, I also have an Alano but it's small and hasn't started blooming yet, good to know it's self fruitful.

Jeff, it sounds like makok needs other sapodillas around. I live where almost no one else has sapodillas.

ch3rri, if you have two sapodillas how do you know they are self fertile lol.

murahalin....how do you hand pollinate these flowers? I've picked some to study them, but I don't see any pollen. The flower "petals" just dry up and drop off.

I think I will probably get the "Prolific", i like that name!

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