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sweetpeamaMay 1, 2014

I moved into our house an removed the gigantic vegetable garden because we honestly have no big interest in growing that much of our own food. Now that my kids are around 5, I would like to grow a few things for them. I have two large containers that I want to use.

My question is the second hand water we have in Syracuse, ut. Everyone around us just has their regular sprinkler system water their food as well. It just makes me nervous. This is untreated water that you aren't even suppose to get on your skin. And if so, immediately wash with soap. People have said, oh no it is fine, the plants don't absorb anything in the water. I just don't believe that. How do you water your vegetable garden? Like I said, I plan on just having a small amount of things to grow. I am mostly doing it for the learning aspect of it for the kids.

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Yes it is untreated. no it wont kill you to get it on you. It is going to be surface water from the weber river or streams down the mountain. People get into the river all the time. It may have some wells that they pump out of also. Would I drink it? no. wash your food befor you eat it to remove any potentaly harmful bactira and you should be fine. Unless you get your water from a sewage treatment plant? probaly have to call your secondary water provider to find thier source to be for sure.

What is it you are worried the plants are going to absorb that will be unhealthy? If you are still woried water with culinary water.

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If your secondary water is Weber basin water... use it in your garden. We have used Weber water in our gardens for over 30 years and everything grows great!

I regularly spend time fly fishing on the Weber river which is where that water originates and the fish, birds and bugs up there are healthy and beautiful.

I have also heard that some of the chemicals in our tap water can actually harm some more sensitive plants over time, but ya can't believe everything ya read these days.

And yeah, I wouldnt drink the secondary water but getting it on you is no different than jumping in a lake or river.

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I drank secondary water growing up as a kid. I was told not to but did it anyway. Never got sick or had any parasites. People just like to get carried away with panic these days. Water away.

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jonathanpassey(Utah z5)

The plants in your garden do not indiscriminately absorb things out of the water. they absorb only those nutrients that they need. Plants, like humans, have incredible filters. they need to protect themselves too.

If there is anything to worry about it would be harmful bacteria on the surface of the vegetables or fruits. even this is exceptionally unlikely since we have such hot dry weather: nearly all bacteria will die.

two ways you can respond to your concern: start using drip irrigation to prevent water on the plants and fruits and wash your food before eating it.

people use "grey" water from their homes to water vegetable garden all the time. that is far dirtier than your secondary water.


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