Avocado Lace bug.

tropicalgrower89(10b)September 17, 2010

My 12ft 2-year-old avocado tree is infested with lace bugs. She keeps growing new healthy leaves, but the lace bugs keep catching up and destroying those too. The tree has a woody solid 5 ft trunk. Can I just cut the lace bug-infested canopy off and let new healthy branches grow from the trunk?

I'll be cautious and cut each individual branch off without knocking any lace bug off the leaves and onto the ground, which might result in re-infestation.

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I have the same problem with my Russell Avocado tree. I have been spraying the undersides of the leaves with Sevin and it seems to be helping control it. Once it cools off a little, I'll switch to spraying it with a malithion/oil type spray.

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Cool. I just chopped off the whole canopy and left the 5 ft trunk. New branches will emerge and if it happens again I'll use Sevin. In fact, I used Sevin to get rid of the mealy bugs that were invading my haden mango. Good stuff.

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