Getting Rid of Ivy

zutshiMay 7, 2012


We recently bought a home which had been vacant for quite some time. The Ivy has taken over one side completely. We got rid of the one near the foundation but pulling it out, but it seems to be coming back again. Also on the other end it seems to grow up between a line of beautiful bushes. We don't want to use round up as we would like to plant some vegetables in the area. Is there a good way to get rid of the ivy without harming the other bushes around ?

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A paste of borax is keeping the ivy away from the foundations of our house. I so sympathize, the previous owners let the ivy get three feet thick beside the house, and it was eating the brick, dismantling the window frames, and getting under the foundations. Now, it's just on the fence. Took me months to get it all hacked away, with a metal brush and scrapers. The borax paste has kept it at bay, though. The rest it a matter of maintenance.

Good luck.

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