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utahhelpMay 10, 2009

I did some searches, and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so hopefully I didn't just overlook it.

I want a shade tree.

I do not want roots that grow above ground, or will destroy my driveway, sidewalks, foundation, etc.

I don't want a tree that in five years will be a major risk to be blown over, or have brances falling through my roof, or damaging other property. Mine or my neighbors.

I want little or no mess. I don't want the stupid seeds like the siberian elms are giving me, those things are endless. I don't want a fruit mess on the ground.

With those things considered, I want a tree that will grow as fast as possible.

A nursery suggested a Honey Locust Skyline. But I've been reading that the roots can be exactly what I DON'T want.

I am in the Salt Lake area.

Again, sorry if I overlooked the answer during a search. Thanks for any help that anyone can provide.

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Here is a list that the extension service put out. It has a lot of info about which trees are well suited to Utah and why.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

You need to go with a hybrid tree, I would say the tybrid poplar I have 6 and love them no shallow roots so far and they are 9 years old and 40' tall. Great shade and no seed mess. Also a Hackberry tree is another good choice as well.

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I would recommend a honey locust still I haven't honestly seen any of those problems with the roots so I would question the validity of the source that says they are a problem. Many places use them in parking lots and as street trees because they are low maintenance and wouldn't heave the side walks in those areas.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

That is true and they also use the Golden rain tree. Be sure the locust tree is a hybrid so you do not get the seed mess. Skyline is a hybrid Shademaster is not. The honey locust is not a hybrid Remember this rule if it flowers it will have seeds or fruit some more than others, most hybrids have little or not seed mess.

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aquawise I do not agree with you about the hybrid or not hybrid nature of the Skyline and Shademaster honeylocust. The Purple Robe Locust is hybrid in nature but that is a different beast all together. Also fruitless mulberries have flowers but set no fruit as do Cottonless Cottonwoods, Seedless ash,some varieties of boxelder and Springsnow crabapple. Being seedless or fruitless is usually a function of the tree being a male tree or being a sterile female selection.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

All fruitless, seedless, cottonless cottonwoods and all the others have been hybridized to obtain the name "less". They are propagated by cuttings because they do not have seeds! the ones that do have a few do not come true to the parent trees. Some are male tree, yes but to obtain a sterile female it has at some point be hybridized. The hybrid tree is also more resistant to bugs and disease, we can agree to disagree on this one.

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Not all hybrids are sterile...... For example Bradford pears, Pacific and Norwegian Sunset maples are both hybrids that produce viable seeds are hybrid in origin and are not sterile. Also not all sterile females are of hybrid origin there are other phenomenon that could also create sterility such as a bud sport mutation.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Hummmmmmm and so it go's

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