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bcbloomMay 9, 2007

I am wanting to plant some fruit trees in our yard. (Apple, Pear, Peach) But am unsure of where to buy a good fruit tree - ( I'm new to the Salt Lake area ) Any recommendation? I'm on the West side.

I also heard someone mention a "fruit basket" tree that has several varieties or even different fruits on the same tree. Has anyone had experience with such trees?

Thank you for any advice.

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I ordered my trees from a catalog/online, but generally, you order those the season before, unless they still have stock at the end of the season, but then you are planting late. I would try a local nursery. I think the four trees (and at least three or four that we pulled out) were from a big box store, but it could have been the soil and watering that killed them.

As far as "fruit basket" trees, I think they're a little gimicky. Usually the type of place that sells them advertises heavily and has poor customer support, but that's just my impression. I would definately read about them from a reviewer site or get a good recommendation on the company before spending the money. I was tempted by a "strawberry tree" and a "tomato tree" before, and they were not really as advertised. I actually grew the "tomato tree" very fascinating huge leaves and extremely fast growth, but never a single tomato (I abandoned it after it became infested with insects and lost all of its leaves when moving apartments at college). When I did research more recently, I learned that they were advertising ploys for things that aren't really related, except possibly in appearance. I should have noticed that there were illustrations and not photos.

I suppose grafting is possible, given that's how most fruit trees are established, but there's even more risk of the roots overtaking the different types of branches, pruning is much more important and complicated, and the loss of a single limb could obliterate one of your fruit types.

At any rate, it could be a very interesting experiment, let us know how it goes if you do it!

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I have an apple tree that I have grafted 7 varieties of apples on myself. I started with a regular red delicious and chip budded them on. I have also helped my brother do his. I saw a number of multi trees this spring at lowes and I have seen them at some of the nurseries. I had two motivations for doing this. I like to have variety and I found out that my grandpa was cutting down his orchard and I wanted to preserve some of his varieties as they were not all your standard grocery store varieties. Anyhow grafting with apple is probably the easiest and if you bought the tree this year you could still collect the and graft the buds in mid to late summer and graft them.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

I've heard of multiple types of apples or cherries on one tree, like Nate has done with his apple. You're probably safe doing something like that, but if you want the tree to look good, make sure the different varieties don't have dramatically different looking leaves or expected tree height.

But the idea of totally different fruits growing on one tree sounds a little scary to me. Different fruits need different care, including pesticide applications, water needs, perhaps fertilizer, etc. Some of the branches may not really adapt well to being grafted onto a different host trunk, and you may end up with a tree with some dead branches or sickly looking ones. It does sound gimmicky, and I don't think it would look good.

For my fruit trees, since they are part of my backyard, I want them to look good as well as produce good fruit. I don't think I'd like the look of a tree that has branches flowering at different times, with different flowers, different leaves, different leaf color in the fall, and so on.

Nate, your photo didn't work because you used the wrong brackets around the img tags. They need the brackets like these:

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Thanks for the input stevation.... I usually post pictures on another forum which supports the other brakets. Any how I agree especially when it comes to the trees that have peaches, nectarines, and plums etc. The spraying and appearance and graft compatibility would definately be issues. With my apple tree there isn't much of a noticable difference in foliage and I treat it like my other apple tree as far as care. I couldn't find my picture of the whole tree but it is doing well this year.

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I have a Plum/Peach/Apricot tree. I planted it about 4 years ago. It is fantastic! Very little work...blossoms at the same time...and everything is ripening at the same time

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Eileen, Your tree looks amazing! May I ask, where did you purchased that tree? Do you know what variety the plum, peach, and apricot's are? And how's the taste? I would love to plant such a tree, and few other fruit trees. I have a small backyard, and would love to have combination trees, to maximize the different fruit bearing ablities in my small space!
Thank you, for sharing!!!

Keep Smiling, Amy :)

p.s. Nate, I wish I had your incredible ablities and were able to graft my own tree. *jealous* Keep up the good work!

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