Kiwi pollinator

kentnsueMay 29, 2013

I have several female kiwi of the 'hardy' type, but my male died. Does any one know a gardner who has a flowering male kiwi in Utah? I have some lonely females who will go without fruit unless I can get some pollen.

My male lived long enough to produce five blossoms in a single season. That year I put the blossoms in a blender, strained the water off and put it in a hand sprayer to mist my female plant. I got several gallon of fruit that year. None since because I lacked the pollinator.

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How do you do this in Utah? Do you winter indoors? Pretty astounding! Hope you find/found a male "donor."

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I was at Millcreek Gardens yesterday. they have a bunch of Issai and I think they might of had one other variety which I forget, it might have been a male... (it was not right next to the Issia, it was 10-15 ft west of them. Talk to Scott. He'll know). I just bought a Flowercloud from It looks pretty healthy. We'll see how it does.
Where about do you live? I'm in SLC and wondering where exactly I should plant my hardies. My present location is west facing so it will have full sun exposure 12-8PM... I am afraid it might be too hot. Any thoughts?

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