How much yield should we expect for our different plants?

daninloganMay 6, 2009

We are planning how many of each plants to put in our garden, but aren't quite sure about how successful different plants will be in northern Utah. Does anyone know how much yield to expect for a single plant of each of these?

Beans (how many beans per plant?)

Peas "

butternut squash (how many squash per plant?)

cherry tomatoes "




How many pounds do you think each of these plants will yield of veggies?




Thanks!! :)


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This is a very complex question because the answer depends on so many variables.

Beans - pole or bush, variety, green of dry.

Cukes - salad or pickling, trellis or on the ground, some have all female flowers, germination is always an issue with cukes.

The seed catalogs can help a little with things like the number of squash per plant. Many of the things on your list however are more difficult.

The other thing is the number of crop failures you get. I have been gardening for over 30 years and every year something doesn't work. Despite best intentions. Last year my yield of parsnips was zero because I couldn't get them to germinate. If you plant enough some of it will work and pleasantly surprise you.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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Hmm, my seed packages don't give the info on yields. I was thinking that if I had too many of some plants, I should give them away to friends, but I have no idea. For instance, I have 10 tomato plants, 10 broccoli, 2 cucumber, 1 pepper, 4 lettuce heads, ...

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Utah state has a great publication for this. They give recommend row lengths and number of seeds for a family of five. Here is the link

I have all kinds of information like this on my blog if you are interested

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