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ncgardengirlJuly 10, 2008

Hi everybody,

I am not a new member to GW, just a lost one ;). I have been away for a while due to not having a place to garden or have plants in general.

We moved to a larger place with a garden spot back in March and it has been slow going plantwise or seedwise or whateverwise.

We did put in a rather small garden which isn't doing to well. But at least I have a place to putter outside the house.

Some of you know me I am sure, I held a September seed swap a few years ago, and have also traded with a few ppl here.

I LOVE robin rounds and seed swaps, and really love the in person swaps, although I have only attended 2. They were fun...

I haven't gotten my trade page up yet because I don't really feel as though I have anything worth trading at this current time, although I may list what I do have shortly. I don't have any seeds yet cuz like I said I haven't been in a position to have a garden or flowers until recently and most all of the seeds I did have were no longer viable so I had to ditch them.

ANYWHO, I have rambled enough...

Glad to be back!


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Hi Fran!! Welcome!! don't ditch the seeds!! at least not in the trash!! i'd ditch them in a special flower bed, you'd be amazed at what does grow after many years!! LOL we had some seeds that i thought "no good" they sprouted, and the castor beans that floated, so people said no good. ummm. i have posted the very good pics this past winter, and let me tell ya, they were very good indeed!! LOL i had over 15 castor beans growing in the dead of winter. ohhh it was interesting for a bit!! LOL
WOW list what ya have!! and post on the seed exch that ya would love some seeds. i'm sure someone might have some extra one's. i just threw all of mine in a flower bed to see what would come out. :')) you should look in on the mnf (making new friends) they are some really great people!! funny!! UHHHH....caution....no liquids....around the computer if your a spewer when you laugh!!! LOL HEE HEE HEE nice to meet you!!! ~Medo and welcome back!!! :'))

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi Fran and welcome back! AS Medo said, come join the MNF, we're always looking for new victims..ummm..I mean people who love gardening and meeting new people. We have a bunch of upsoming swaps if you check out the MNF upcoming swaps..maybe you'll see something that tickles your fancy!

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Hi Fran
Welcome back! I agree with medontdo, toss the seeds out there! You may find a pretty surprise! What sort of flowers do you dream of, I may have some to share

Frances (who also is a NC garden girl or possibly garden fool)

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OH I did check the seeds for germination before I got rid of them. I try not to be to ditzy....LOL
Frances of course you know since I go by Fran it is short for Frances too. Gosh I dislike my name....but I guess I am stuck with it.
Geez Louise, I like anything and everything that blooms. When we moved here there were only two little boxwood type plants flanking the front doorsteps, a red rose bush which I trimmed becuz it had be badly neglected and a surprise pink peony bush that was it except for a apple tree, 3 oaks and a couple of wild growing walnuts trees.
My prized plants are in buckets. I don't plan on planting them here, however I have extras of some things that have planted and will leave behind when and if we move again. Ya'll know how us gardeners must leave a piece of us behind.
Frances, I appreciate the offer, if there is anything you have you would like to share I would accept (she says with a grin) I get giddy over receiving things in the mail...lol.
I am afraid to post for anything on the seed exchange, ppl tend to get testy when you post PLEASE HELP...lol.
Anywho, once again I have rambled....doesn't take much to get me started, I have such a sheltered life....
Thx ya'll I appreciate the welcome,

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Fran..what kind of seeds are you looking for?.."rooting through seed box"...I have leftovers from some exchanges.

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Hi Fran!
I do believe we have already met! "G"
And I am going to get back with you via email, I was looking through my "mess of Maize" to see just how much I had and if I had any names!

Anyhow....Just wanted to say welcome back!!
I know what it's like starting somewhere new! I am doing the very same thing. And I did bring stuff with me too! Don't we all if we have to move? LOL But, I still have to have more! Of course, I don't think there is a gardener in the world that doesn't need more plants!

And yes, please stop by MNF and chat with us! And don't let Dan scare you, Tracy and I just dropped him off at The Betty Ford Clinic yesterday and he is safely locked away, hehehe.....She even has the hidden camera footage on the thread to prove it! If you love RR's you will like it there!

I'll email ya in a few!

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Frances Coffill(7b)

Always hated my name too, but it has grown on me over the years. (too funny on the "Geeze Louise" comment, my other name is Louise) Anyway I have fresh Hollyhock, morningglory and a few four o'clock seeds at the moment. I also have plenty of herb seeds and some other annual and perennials that are not too old (packed 2007)
Let me know if anything sparks your fancy. I think I spotted a few sasbe offers for seeds over in the seed exchange too! good to get you started, the seeds swaps and robins should be starting up soon!

Have a great day!

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Hi all,
Thanks for the seed offers, I appreciate them. I would be interested in anything anyone is willing to pass my way. At this point in time with no color going on I would be thrilled with the lowly common marigold.
I visited Walmart* a few days ago and guess what, they were completely sold out of seeds!!! I was shocked, they had NOTHING left in seeds.
I did get some petite snapdragons at one of my local seed, feed, and whatever store. They give some color but it is not eyepopping or anything. They are small, cute in their own right, but I am used to the larger look at me snaps.
Anyway, there I go again.
Again, I thank ya'll for the offers and postings,
:) Fran

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

HI Fran,
Please email me your addy and I'll send you a bubble...I need to clean out that box anyways!

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