Mexicola 'dwarf'. Super black fruit..

stanofhSeptember 12, 2011

Great taste-no peeling. And blackest Avo fruits you'll ever see. I wouldn't run out to own one if I was you...they are a third the size of Hass,and for sure do best with a second Avo to pollinate with. A need really. I thought I would save space,but other conditions make me wonder if a regular Hass would have been best. And I also didnt think the fruits would be so small. I was hoping just the tree!

Full size

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Thanks for the info on the Mexicola fruit, how would you compare the taste of the fruit to a Hass?

I recently picked up a Holiday dwarf avocado but it probably won't fruit for several years because its in a pot. Let me know if you are interested in a branch of my Holiday so you can graft it onto your tree for polination or to top work it.

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Most Hass I've had were store bought-inferior to Mexicola fresh picked by far. They never wait a proper time to pick orchard fruit..
But,I did have an avocado tree many years ago-pit grown,that was just as good as this-but 6x or more small coconuts. That tree died from mysterious reasons.
But the dwarf Mexicola is fine and buttery-even my wife agrees. It did take the tedious attempt at peeling to convince her to eat in the salad, skin and all. She's convinced now, that's the way to eat them.

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They are such beautiful but small fruits. Yes, skin and all, such a great color and flavor addition.


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