Anyone have any experience with Brazos Belle and Favorite Avocado

jsvand5September 8, 2011

Looking for info on these. Brogdon and Day avocados get killed in my area so I was hoping these may survive. I have been reading that they can take temps down to 15 degrees with minimal damage. Just wondering if those reports are accurate. Anyone actually taste one of these varieties?

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I don't know if you have seen the info from Rockledge Gardens, I'll link it here anyways, scroll to the bottom:

A nursery by me is getting a shippment in a couple weeks of Fantastic and I plan on buying it and experimenting with it here. The reports I have seen on it has it cold tolerant to 10f. I do not get that cold but we'll see if how it goes.

I have an acquaintance that has both the Brogdon and a cv called Joey. Each tree was about 10'x8' or so. Cold got down to about 20f with heavy frost and no protection provided. The Brogdon was killed to the roots (meaning only rootstock came back). The Joey had no damage and I have seen reports it can handle down to 10f. I have not tasted the Joey, but my acquaintance said it was very good.


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What nursery is it that is getting the Favorite? I am in Ocala so it might be worth the trip. If not I will be stuck buying 1gals.

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A friend of mine collects avocados and has one from Arizona that can handle snow and 110+ weather and I believe the flavor is good too. I'll have to ask the name.


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