Cedar oil

dereks(6 Utah)June 30, 2008

I am having a horrible time with grasshoppers and earwigs so I bought some cedar oil that is supposed to repel the bugs. The bottle has very few directions on how to use it. Do any of you have any suggestions for me? I'm really hoping this will work. I hate puting out poison, although I have done that. I've got just about the only garden in the neighborhood and I think the bugs know it.


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dereks(6 Utah)

Since no one has been able to help me with this. I'll tell you what I learned. It does seem to work but after watering you have to reapply. One little bottle does not go far. This is something I won't use again for that reason.

I've decided to let the earwigs have their way. Most plants are surviving the attacks. The last few weeks I have noticed the garden is covered in spider webs with earwigs caught inside. I guess I'll just let the spiders do the work although I think earwigs will be never ending.

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I don't know about cedar oil, but I've been using diatomacious earth against earwigs with good success. You do have to reapply after rain or watering, but the stuff does work. It also works against ants. You can buy it at most nurseries or online. A bag lasts a long time.

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aquawise(zone 4 Utah)

Just dampen some rolled up news papers (just damp) lay them out around the damage area. Each morning gather them up put them in plastic bags and trash them, Works for me. keeps them under control. No chems. The buggers love cool damp places to spend there days. FYI

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dereks(6 Utah)

I have heard about the newspaper and was actually thinking about trying it out. I was also thinking of puting a little honey on the paper to attract them inside. Bad idea?

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