Getting the 'itch' get more trees

rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)September 20, 2010

So, thanks to this group (and those great descriptions of the PR trip), I feel the need for more. Luckily a friend asked about doing a day trip over to Mayaguez area. So now I have an excuse!

I plan on going to Jardin Eneida and see what they have left after the group visit :-) Then to Sadhu and maybe Sherry. I have my most wanted list (which now includes Marang and Pulasan). Would also like another mangosteen and rambutan. Did anyone see grafted varieties available or seedlings even? I will contact the places directly to see if they can find these things for me, but a heads up might lower my disappointment.

Can anyone compare Marang and Kwai Muk? Worth trying to get both?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

If you are going to try and visit Sherry, then you must stop and see Juan Miranda. Check with them first before making the trip to see if they will be available. Juan has all kinds of seedling trees...nothing grafted.

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Definitely get a marang and kwai muk, completely different taste both yummy. Check at Jardin Eneida for grafted achachairu, sweet tamarind lots of other stuff, look closely. At Sherry and Juan's places it'll be hard to keep your mind on fruit trees with all the beautiful heliconias arounds.

I wish I was going with you,

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


On the question of what Kwai Muk and Marang taste like.....I'll try to give you an idea. Kwai Muk is a small, fig sized fruit with orange/salmon colored flesh. The flesh is soft and not really well defined around the seeds like jakfruit and marang are. The taste ranges from somewhat tart to a nice balance of sweet and tart. I wouldn't say that its flavor is complex or spicy. It is also good as it dries out. Marang is much more like a jakfruit or champedak. The seeds are larger and the edible flesh is more clearly separated around each seed. The only one I have ever had was at Juan Miranda's in PR. It texture was very soft....almost melting with a sort of vanilla flavor. Personally, I prefer firm jakfruits to mushy ones, so this soft texture was a negative for me. The flavor was very nice though. The texture was creamy, but still segmented...if that makes any sense.

I just read my description......I didn't do the descriptions much justice.....but I am at a loss to do better. Take care and good luck on your fruit tree hunt.


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Thanks guys... I will let you know where I visit (never enough time!) and what I end up getting.

I have been to Sherry's before...she helped start my obsession by being very generous with her plants and seeds! I will see if she can get us over to Juan's place.

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