Mango variety question for Los Angeles area.

dylan3dSeptember 26, 2013

I have a ficus I'm thinking of removing before the roots start causing damage to the area. I'd like to replace it with another mango tree. Since my other tree's mangoes ripen in August/September I would like the new one to ripen somewhere within April to July. I'm considering either Lemon Zest, Coconut Cream or Alphonso. I'm having a tough time finding info on these varieties for my area. What are their seasons? Are they big tree's? Where locally could I buy them?

Also, the tree would be planted in our chicken run. We only have two chickens but could that produce to much nitrogen for the tree?

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I'm in Burbank 91501. I don't think mango in our area could be ready by July -- I would think the earliest is end of August.

Mango won't be too big in this zone, so don't worry.

Source: Mimosa in east LA.

Good luck,


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Sapote is right - Mimosa is your best bet for picking up mango trees in L.A., but I'm not sure they have any of the early varieties. I think Rosigold is the earliest bearing mango, or one of the earliest. Probably one of the Florida nurseries is your best bet.....I never saw that tree at Mimosa, but you could call them and see what they might have....oh...and they have 1/2 off sales twice a year, so you might want to wait for that too. They are a bit pricey...


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Sounds good. I'll take a look this weekend to see what Mimosa has. I went last spring and they didn't have much and all the mango tree's looked in pretty sad shape. Perhaps I came after the sale.

I'm starting to think an early season in SoCal is August September? Perhaps I should be looking for a variety that is later?

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I guess even in soucal,Mango's are needy care plants for nurseries. I know here in the bay area they never look as good as they did when first brought in. The nurseries usually have a long wait until they flush if foliage is damaged in some way in holding. So,they can look ratty.
They are healthy...just waiting until they get coddled at your home.
As long as I'm rambling...they also never look as good in a pot as they do in ground. Tough a pot,you can be 100% safe from cold of course,and gophers...but they look so...tree like in ground.
In the end, the sweet fruit are worth the effort.

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I made the trip out to Mimosa this morning. Big selection this time, lots of Alphonso, Elephant, Kent, Lancetilla, Carrie, Glenn, Nam Doc Mai, Valencia Pride and couple of others. And they all looked really healthy. I bought a 25 gallon 6 foot Glenn and a 7 gallon Carrie, they were expensive but I got 20% off the Glenn and 35% off the Carrie for a grand total of $335. I'll swap out my ficus for the Glenn but keep the Carrie in a pot.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Cool Dylan!

You're on your way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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GREAT FIND.Without a doubt the larger the Mango is when you plant them,the better off you are. I had lousy results with seedlings. Baileys has survived all..and it was the largest Mango I could find in the bay area. After 2012-2013 cold,I might get fruit(again) next year.

I'm no quitter!

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Geeze, $325 for two mango trees!!!! You could had bought one ton of mango for that, and seating on a couch eating the fruits instead of being slave for those trees, the rest of their life. Does Obamacare cover the mango?

I know I'm saying this, but we all some how choose to be slaves for caring these masters willingly.

I called them couple weeks ago and they said not too many selection. I need to replace my dead NDM and Carries. I think the young trees got skin cancer from being out in the hot summer sun too much. Loving too much is not good the these trees.


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