Fall Planting

gingerflowerJuly 26, 2008

I am interested in growing some crops for fall harvest. Does anyone know when to plant the seeds? Will they grow in the heat? I would like to try the peas again since I only got two to come up in the spring. Does anyone know what else may be successful?

Thanks in advance,


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We too are about to start our fall/winter beds. We just uprooted our first bed that was begun in April all our salads and such went to seed.
Western Garden has a handout of what and when to plant for fall. Most start in mid August. I will find the handout and give some more details later, but I am also interested in hearing from people here.

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Photopilot I would love to have those details if you have the time. I would also love to be having fresh lettuce again. Thanks for the input, if nothing else I will use mid-august as my planting date.


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Just found the list and pretty much everything is mid August, except for the winter items. If you include a list of what you plan on planting I will look over my information and let you know if anything is outside the mid August planting period.

I have just gotten my fall garden put together (doing a square foot garden this time). I have to finish mixing the soil tomorrow and will plant the fall garden this weekend.

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I would also love to see this type of list. This is our first time trying to plant a fall garden and we are just looking to see what can be done--no matter what it is.

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I have heard that fall brussel sprouts are good. I was going to plant a second crop of potatoes. I also planned on doing some more root crop. I was thinking turnips so that I can dig them up as I need them. Any ideas on anything else that winters well?

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Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I'm sorry I got busy and forgot to check back, you know how life can throw all kinds of surprises at you? Well that's what happened. :)

We did end up planting a few things just last week, so I hope they work. We tried some beets, lettuce, beans, peas, and beets. I am hoping something comes up, I am missing fresh lettuce and would like to try beet greens. My husband will be devastated if the beets don't come up in fact, since he has tried beets 3 other times and they haven't worked. He's feeling like they are his challenge now. Is there some secret beet planting technique we don't know about? :)

Our summer produce is slower than we would like, but we are still learning. I think our biggest lesson for this year is to start with the soil! :) I've heard it, but now I KNOW it's true. :)

If anyone has any fall crops come up I would love to hear about them!


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