Malay Apple leaves not glossy and light green.

fmalmgrenSeptember 28, 2011


I am wondering if anybody has experience growing Malay Apple in south Florida. The tree is growing leaves in large clusters but they only stay glossy while they're small and loose it quickly as they grow full size. I figure the tree needs water and have been feeding it about 1" of water/week. I'm feeding it with regular fertilizer once a month. I didn't get any fruit this year. I did plant it early this year and it had suffered from last winter's frost. If anybody has any advice please let me know. Thanks!


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I am growing Malay Apple. Here is my tree recovering from winter of 2009-2010.

Prior to the last two year's winters, the leaves on my tree got huge and weren't necessarily green and glossy as you can see.


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That's a beautiful tree! Nice shape! Have you had any fruit yet? Would you care to give me a few pointers how to care for the tree? I've looked for some plant care tips but haven't found any yet. The leaves are huge! Mine are probably the size of your palm. My tree is about 7' tall with a few branches sticking out. I got it this spring from a nursery and it was pretty bare. It's recovered well but I had to trim some dry branches. I put a thick layer of mulch around. It's not harboring apples but tree frogs and spiders.



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Noogy(6 sw mi)

In venezuela we were familiar with pumarosa(rose apple I suspect),
On our farm we had a similar tree to yours with the typical brisley pink flowers, pyramidal tree. The fruit we had was called pumaga', was a pyriform purple/almost black skin fruit when ripe with an outstanding flavor and sweetness. Nothing like anything I've seen. Very perfumey and white on the inside.
Any ideas? Cultivars?

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