People who cook with cherries

tlhouser123April 25, 2014

Are the skins bothersome? I usually take the skins off tomatoes I cook.

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I cook a frying pan full of cherries in olive oil until very soft. Then I put it in a blender with garlic and whatever else you like in your sauce. The skins just disappear.

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I leave skins on, fry some up in olive oil/garlic and mix with pasta and add some fresh basil.....too easy!!

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Some varieties will have thicker skins but I don't notice a problem. I definitely don't peel the ones I cook up as a curried cherry tomato sauce (almost like chili sauce). Skins disappear in the food processor the same as other person notes.

I have a recipe for cherry tomatoes, orzo and broccoli that is wonderful. tomatoes barely cooked.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Often asked over on the Harvest and Cooking forums here as the skins bother many.

Simple solution is to toss them into a ziplock bag and freeze. When they thaw the the skins slip right off and can easily be picked out of the tomatoes before cooking.


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About the skins: 50% of the nutritional value of the tomato is in the skin and seeds.

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