I'm interested Cacao and Coffee

huckoshimSeptember 4, 2013

I understand that leaves from the coffee family of plants may be able to sprout roots and become plants, also that raw beans may be viable.

I can send a self-addressed, padded envelope with postage, or something on your wish list may be in season, at my place. Thanks for reading.

(Same user name at yahoo.)

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For the coffee beans, you can try to find green, unroasted coffee. Maybe find a place near you that roasts their own, and ask if you can have (or buy) a few unroasted ones. Get more than you think you need, the viability's not that great.

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Email me from the member directory and I'll send you freshly picked coffee cherries

Or... my Email is same name at earthlink dot net :-)

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Thank you very much for reading. I will be signing off, for now.

Webmasters, please add an account deletion option.

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