Do you have a Greenhouse?

mary_maxJuly 13, 2007

Just wondering if you have a greenhouse? I wonder if they would last with such harsh winds we get? Also wondering if a person would need to get permission to have one in their yard? Just curious. Does anyone have one? I remember seeing some at Costco but always thought they would be in the neighbors back yard in a wind storm.

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I HAD one! It blew over the fence into the neighbors yard!We had it heavily weighted down and it still blew panels out several times and eventually went over the fence and then on a trip to the dump. It was one of the Harbor Freight green houses that don't cost very much maybe 3 or 4 hundred dollars but still a complete waste of money. Someone not far from me has a really nice one that was built with a 3 foot brick wall base and its beautiful. If I ever get another one I think I will save up and do it right.

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Oh that is awful!! I am so sorry for you. It really does not surprise me with the winds around here. I really thought that would be a problem. When the wind starts to blow here I am out the door making sure things are in order. So you think the more expensive ones would do the trick? Guess the one at Costco would not be right for a windy area. They cost only 300 or 400 dollars if I remember correctly.

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Can you post a link to the greenhouse you're looking at at Costco?

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This greenhouse was in the store all set up. They normally have them in the spring time. It is no longer there. Next year you can check it out.

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The reason I asked is that I looked on their website and they had quite a few greenhouses. Some of them looked like they'd blow down if you walked past them quickly, but others looked pretty sturdy.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I had one in SLC several decades ago and even back then I could not afford to heat it in the winter, even with bubble insulation. It was perhaps 6 by 8 ft.

Related story; It was near an apricot tree. The local kids persuaded an boy, fresh out of Russia, to climb upon the greenhouse and steal some apricots. He fell through the roof. Fortunately, unharmed.

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I bought a Sunglow greenhouse from Costco when they had them on sale a couple of years ago. It spent 18 mo in the box outside. NOT something I recommend. The electric components are in a tray and even tho the boxes were covered, water got in and ruined most of the panel, which I had to replace, but they were stock items at the local hardware store. I finally got it put together last Sept. and I LOVE it. If done right, it will withstand hard winds. We put it on a base of railroad ties and really anchored the frame to them. The way the panels are installed gives them little wiggle room and thus the air can't get a toehold to rip it apart. We had some horrific winds down here last winter in So. Utah and nary a loose panel. I managed to get a great harvest of greens all winter. One thing I would do differently is not put the intake fan behind the door when it's open. I used the electric heater that came with it only on the coldest nights and supplemented with an oil radiator directly under the plants on the shelf. I researched several greenhouses and all the attachements and for the money, this one had EVERYTHING-timer, grow lights, mist and watering system, heater, fan, thermostatically controlled exhaust and intake fans, shelving, potting bin, wire shelving for storage, and shade cloth. My grandpa said "always buy the best you can afford" and "invest in land". Both philosophies I've tried to follow. cheers

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Okay, this is definitely not a $500 Costco greenhouse, but it looks impressive. Has anyone seen anything like it? The site says there are 16 in Utah. I loved the pictures with it covered in snow and then the day after...

Here is a link that might be useful: Geodesic Greenhouse

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I do not have a greenhouse but I am thinking of building a cold frame. I winter/spring sow my seeds and with this crazy weather this year I think that would serve as a good solution to cover them on our cold nights like last night.

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Dh put one up for me last year.
Guess I kinda got planting fever and started my cabbages etc. a bit too early. With all the cold weather and rain we've been having this spring they now need to get planted ASAP, gettig a bit long in the tooth. Maybe tomorrow..

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

I always wanted one but they were too expensive and then they weren't big enough. Most we're like 8x10 or somewhere in there. So this past winter I built one out of PVC that's withstood winds and snow. The two good things about it besides eating absolutely delicious food all winter is the size(10-1/2 feet wide by 20 feet) and the cost-under $200. You can do it for a lot cheaper if you can find used greenhouse plastic.

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Snibb- do you have directions? How tall did you make it? I've thought about the PVC thing so maybe this year.

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snibb(Salt Lake City)

I don't have directions but it was easy to do. First, it's 20' long by 12 1/2" wide. I pounded 2' rebar into the ground at 4' intervals. Make sure it's nice and square-measuring across on the diagonal. It should be the same. If not, just fix it so it is. Then I simply used 10'-3/4" PVC for the ribs. I attached them at the top with a 4 way plastic connector. Then all I did was cut a 3'10" piece of PVC to go between the ribs at the top. I needed this to help with the snow load but it wasn't enough initially. I added a 20' 1/2" PVC at about 5' tall to serve as the side purlins. This has helped with the snow load. I put this on both sides. Then I just put the plastic over it. I weigh it down with 60 lbs. sand bags between each rib, along with 5 gallon water containers(filled and iced over) for additional strength. You can see it on my website. Hope that helps.

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