Can anyone ID this fruit?

gnappiSeptember 13, 2011

Can anyone ID this fruit bearing bush? New growth is bronze / red and the fruit is VERY sweet and white as snow and the seed clings to the white flesh. The skin is dark purple.

Fruits are generally as large as a quarter, but many are smaller



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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I would say grumichama.

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Yeah, I thought they were Grumichama, but the fruits I see in pics have Guava like "leaves" sticking out of the end not connected to the tree, the seed appears to not cling to the flesh and is easily separated, the flesh is not snow white, and I forgot to mention, these bushes provide fruit all year long, the seed is rather large, and the skin liiks very much like a black cherry, but soft to the touch.

Could these be a different variety? I'd like to eat them (we have hundreds in fruit all year long where I work) or even start them but I don't like eating fruit I have no idea on it's toxicity.


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It's Cocoplum. They make very nice hedges. Fruit is sweet but nearly insipid.


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Thanks Jeff,

I'm going to try rooting some cuttings, and starting some from seed to plant around my AC unit in the hope that their ever blooming will draw bees of which I have none... That is unless Jeff or someone else has some in pots?

I feel the taste is lightly nutty flavor and very sweet.

Tomorrow I'll take a pic of yet another odd fruit tree where I work


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murahilin(10 fl)

Did anyone tell you it was edible before you tried it?

You should be able to root the cuttings. They are a cheap landscaping plant that you should be able to find at many nurseries. I have heard of better tasting cultivars but I haven't seen any myself in FL.

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murahilin(10 fl)

I didn't see your middle post about not trying it. I only saw the "lighty nutty flavor" post and thought you did.

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Actually I did taste it, after Jeff told me what it was... but even if he WAS wrong, I figure nothing on the street could be so poisonous to kill with a bite as large as a match head. :-)

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youd be surprised. dont sample Oleander trees

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