Mahachanook Mango - Excalibur

guajiroSeptember 5, 2011

Thanks to JoeP450 and Harry I picked up a 3gal Mahachanook or "Mahachonois" ;) from Excalibur today. Linda and her husband were really nice and accomodating by allowing me to pass by on their day off. Can't wait to plant her tomorrow.

Next to my Gold Nugget mango

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I forgot to ask if anyone knows how long the season is and on what months? Is it a heavy bearer?

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Yeah buddy. Nice purchase. Did you happen to see if they had any more of that Bangkok lemon jakfruit for sale? When I picked up my maha I tried some and it was soo delicious I added the tree to my want list.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Maha Chanook bears over a considerable period. It doesn't drop all of its fruit in a short period of time as many mangoes do (Glenn and Zill, for examples). At my house, I have four Maha Chanooks planted out. They can vary amongst themselves in maturing fruit. I usually say that the trees bear from late-early season through early-late season. I guess you might say then that it is a mid season mango...with some reach. It does bear fairly heavily. Here's one of my trees in bloom.

I have a picture with the fruit on the tree somewhere. I'll try to locate it and post it.


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Joe they didn't mention the Bangkok lemon jakfruit when I passed by. Sounds interesting though.
Thanks for the info Harry. There's not much about this tree on the internet, at least in English.
Thanks for the pics too!

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The Wilson's "eldest" Maha that is planted in the ground started producing in late June and I got the last from the tree in mid August (keep in mind this was not a usual season in South Fla for mangoes as far as ripening times...everything seemed to ripen earlier and finish earlier than "normal"). Their tree, which I believe has been in the ground for about 5 years or so, produced about 30 - 40 mangoes this year. It is similar in size to Harry's pictured above.

As far as the Bangkok Lemon Jackfruit, I believe it was all gone. I was there till about 6:30ish on Saturday and I think I may have taken what was left (being they were going to be closed till Tuesday they didn't want to leave it in the cooler for three days.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

After tasting the maha from Harry's yard made me want to get one too. Too bad Excalibur don't ship....wonder if it's the same as Harry's.

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Are there any other nursery selling Maha Chanook & ship to CA? I only know of one source but surcharges a ton!!


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Esco - I got mine from Plantogram this last spring....around 100 bucks or so, but a beauty of a plant...


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ch3rri, you brought up a very interesting point. Unless Excalibur got the budwood directly from Harry, it might NOT be the same cultivar that Harry has. Harry, did Excalibur obtain the budwood directly from you?


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

No....Excalibur got it from Thailand, same as I did. Were our respectives sources the same? I can't say. I guess time will tell. I would presume that they will be the least until we are slapped with some other reality.


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Harry do you happen to have any pics of the maha mango while on the tree and when ripe? On plantograms site they have it pictured as a long green mango with pinkish blush on the hips. This is like the most beautiful looking mango I have seen, but then I think I saw you posted a pic of a ripe maha which was yellow with anthracnose on it on an older post? I bought my maha from Excalibur and I really hope it is the "real" maha and looks exactly like the picture on plantograms site, but alas I took a risk because I have never even tried one! I bought because everyone raves about it, needless to say I can't wait to try one!


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I have a few pictures. Earliest blooming tree this year with initial fruit set.

The first is a developing fruit before it begins to gets its blush.

Not much different than many "S" shaped SE Asian cultivars.
Here's one of my smaller trees with again developing fruit. This was taken in the 3rd week of March. This tree notoriously fruits a bit earlier than my other trees but the fruits are also somewhat smaller than the others. Not sure why this is. It is one of the original trees that I received frim Thailand many years ago. It stayed in a pot for much longer than it should have and got a bot pot bound. So, it may be a root issue. There could also be some uissue with the rootstock variety itself. Seems some mangoes perform better on different rootstocks.

A different tree with developing fruit in mid-May:

Same tree in July:

And finally, on the left, is the fully mature and colored up fruit.


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This is a Maha from Excalibur's tree in the ground. This was the very last one off their tree from mid August.

I wouldn't be so worried if Excalibur's taste "exactly like" Harry's. You are always gonna have slight differences due to the care, soil type, climate, age, fertilizer, water, age of tree, etc. Just as Harry knows his was from Thailand, Excalibur's was also brought back from Thailand.

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