When to put tomato seedlings in hoophouse

compulsivegrower(8)April 10, 2013

Hello tomato forum !

This is my first season starting tomatoes from seed. I seeded 4 different cherry/grape varieties & some tomatillos on March 16th. They are indoors under Sunblasters and looking happy and healthy. They are about 4 inches high and are starting their 3 & 4 sets of true leaves.

I am planning on putting them in my hoophouse and growing them the ryest of the season there in 5 gallon buckets.

1) when should I make the transfer from grow lights to hoop house ? When should I up pot them ? Or should I just transplant into the 5 gallon bucket ?

2) Any favorite growing mediums ? I'm thinking coco coir and peat miss

Thanks !

PS in Zone 8 where I am specifically last frost date is April 24.

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Here's a photo

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