Tomato seedlings have strange black specks...

nitram0606April 1, 2012

Hi everyone,

I am really bummed. I thought everything was going well, my little guys looked healthy and then suddenly they took a turn for the worse, and these specks started showing up a couple days ago. They look mostly healthy otherwise so what could be going on. Any help at all is GREATLY appreciated!

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It sure looks like Spider Mites to me- Look at the underside of the leaves and I bet you will see tiny crawling specks.

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Does seeing spider mites require some sort of magnification? from my careful inspection I can't see anything movie, but I may just not be able to see them.

Anyone else have a suggestion if it is not mites?

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Mites are one of the smallest pests out there. Usually best to use one of those 20x or 30x magnifiers to see them really well. Another clue is that they prefer low humidity, and dry soil. If your humidity is high, it's likely something else.

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