Over-wintering mandevilla

gmajOctober 28, 2010

I brought a potted mandevilla into the house, trying to keep it alive through the winter. I think that I'm doing all of the right things, and it has new growth, but many of the leaves are turning yellow and dropping.

Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe it's adjusting to being moved? I realized this morning that there is a heater vent near it, so with the furnace turned on the last few days, I closed that vent so it won't get too warm.

Has anyone else had success with a mandevilla through the winter?


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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

I have overwintered my mandevilla vine in my above ground basement window for the last three years. I sit the pot on the window ledge where it gets sun from the southern exposure. The basement is not heated so it stays cool but the plant survives just fine. I cut the vine back to about 2 feet long, it does lose some leaves over the winter but it rebounds as soon as I put it back outside in the spring. It has even bloomed while in the basement.


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