Frost protection, thinking ahead

simon_growSeptember 28, 2011

Here in San Diego, we rarely get frost but with the strange weather we've been getting the last couple years, I want to plan ahead. My yard is very small and I think the only thing that might need protection are my Mango trees and my Papaya tree.

I plan on getting two outdoor patio heaters, the type that uses the 20lb tanks that grills use and was wondering if anyone has tried using these for frost protection? They have small heaters that give a heating radius of about 10 ft and I want the gas heaters instead of electric because I don't have any electrical outlets outside.

I figure the days that are likely to get frost are cold clear nights that will not have rain. I don't expect there to be frost on rainy nights because cloud cover typically holds in warmth from the ground and even if it did rain, the rain will prevent frost.

Is this a good idea or is it better to purchase some frost cloth? I've never used frost cloth before so I don't know how well they insulate. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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I got newly planted Sapodilla, Sweetheart, and Alphonso trees and am wondering about frost too. I live in the Corona hills where it does get windy. my plants are in the frong yard that gets good wind protection from adjacent walls and there are two large trees that provide some type of protection as well. I think if we mulgh 12" over the root zone, during frost the roots may not freeze and that would be helpful. Also thinking about watering not too much in winter and watering during early morning only.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Simon - thanks for bringing up what I've been blissfully avoiding.

I'm going to buy some frost cloth this year. That plastic bag thing is just too risky. I'm going to try and check the past posts on the forum here for places to buy shade cloth and maybe re-post it here.....sigh.....

what I'm probably going to use for heat is light bulbs on a need to have basis as I do have a few ext. outlets I can I've got to build my pvc scaffold....and it's still 100 degrees here!

How can it get so cold when it so unimaginably warm today!Z!XX???

When (and if) my trees get to a large enough size, I'm just going to let mother nature use her frost shears to do the pugging if she so deems it necesary!


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