Some of this year's tropicals in Utah, zone 4

arctictropical(Z4)October 1, 2008

For those of you in zone denial, especially zone 4, here are some of this year's pictures.

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Your yard turned out gorgeous this year!!

What type of bamboo is that in the picture with your son? It looks like a very nice healthy clump.

Great job, Alan

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Hi Alan! Good to hear from you. It's been a while. The "bamboo" is actually Arundo (giant reed). I've had it about 10 years now even though it's not supposed to be hardy in our area. I mulch it good in the winter. I'm amazed at how much taller and wider the clump gets each year. I do give is a good amount of nitrogen and dried manure from our dairy, and water it well throughout the summer. It has grown another foot or so since this picture was taken. It started sending up a whole new bunch of new shoots about a month ago that are already taller than I am. I am growing bamboo, however. There's some in the 5th picture next to the Trachy.


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Wow, Kevin, I didn't realize arundo got that massive. I've had arundinaria gigantia in the ground for three years now and it's barely more than a foot tall. I finally see a few sprouts coming up, but really slow growth, overall. It's supposed to be more impressive than reed grass but I sure wouldn't think so judging by yours.

It kind of sucks to see fall hit, doesn't it? I've already started topping the hibiscus and getting ready for the first freeze to come. I wasn't impressed with my canna growth at all this year, I don't know if I just didn't fertilize often enough or what but they just didn't do it. Even the bananas had more overall new growth. My desert garden is really coming along though. I added a joshua, rostrata and elata, along with other various yuccas. Not alot of new cacti though.

Well, good luck with the cleanup, Alan

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Hi Alan. Yes, we had our big killing freeze on Friday. Thursday everything was green. Friday, everything was black. I've got a month's work of digging to do. I also purchased a joshua tree and had a rostrata from last year. I'm still keeping them in pots and storing them in the basement in an unheated, cool room until next year. I don't want to put them out for good until they are a little bigger. Yes, the arundo can get massive if you give it enough years, and fertilize and water it well each year. Mine has continually gotten taller and bigger each year. Good luck!


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Is your wisteria a special type for cold areas? I would love to grow wisteria in northeastern Utah, but I fear we're too cold here.

Your garden is breathtaking!

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Hi Linda! Thanks for your comments. The Wisteria you referred to is wonderful! It is Wisteria "Blue Moon", the hardiest wisteria I know of. It is good down to -40 F., or zone 3. Several people in my area (the coldest part of Cache Valley) are growing it with success. It is an American wisteria, which blooms on new wood, so if it survives the winter (it will), it will always bloom. It blooms at a very young age (unlike the Chinese or Japanese wisterias). When we bought them through mail order, some of the one year plants in gallon containers had buds. I can't say enough good about this wisteria. Try it!

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Is that a banana tree and taro? Do you have to bring them indoors for the winter? Your garden looks fantastic!

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Hi lykhai! Sorry for the delay in posting a reply. I've been out of town. Yes, I grow several banana plants each year (actually a close relative to the edible banana. It is called ensete, or Abysinnian banana). I bring them inside in the Fall. Some I keep in a warm room with light. Others I store in a dormant state in an unheated basement room. I grow enough taro (elephant ears) that I sell quite a few to a Valley Nursery, in Uintah, south of Ogden. Unfortunately, I must dig all of the taro and cannas each Fall. It usually takes me a full month of free time, Saturdays, and a couple days off from work. Kind of a headache to do so, but worth it.


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bindersbee(6a UT)

Would you be willing to give a few of us Garden Webbers a tour next year? I'd love to come up and see these beauties in person!

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Bindersbee, you are welcome any time. Since we had our killing frost here in Cache Valley the first part of October (the latest it has ever been), right now the palms are "snuggled" under their palm boxes for the winter, the cannas are all dug and the bananas are inside, but next year during summer (especially mid-August through September) it is usually the best time to visit because the cannas as in full bloom, the elephant ear caladiums are at their peak and the banana plants are looking rather tall. But once again, you are welcome to come up any time. I usually have a few who come up from down south for some canna rhizomes in the Spring before I sell my extras to Valley Nursery in Uintah.


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