Welcome Fellown Utahns

down_and_dirty(6/7 UT)October 4, 2006

Hey, I've been interested in a forum like this for a long time. Anyway, hello, hello, and hopefully we'll have some responses and discussions here eventually.

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Hello, I am exited about this forum as well, hopefully we can generate a good bit of traffic.

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beth4(z5 - Utah)

Wow! I am asolutely amazed to find this forum here. I'm surprised there are enough of us to warrant our own forum!

I live in Ogden. Hang out regularly at the Ponds forum and the Home Redecorating, etc. forums.

Can't get over we have this forum!

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Hello all...

This will be a great forum to compare notes with other local garden enthusiasts.


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spyfferoni(z/5 UT)

I am also looking forward to this forum. This was my 2nd year growing heirloom tomatoes. I also like to grow peppers, squash, and other vegetables. I have raspberries too. I would like to get a few fruit trees and some trees for landscaping/shade. I need to put sod down too. The back yard has never had real grass, and the front yard needs to be re-done, Orchard grass and Quack grass have totally taken over. The previous owners never put sod in or planted grass and when we moved in the weeds were about 2-3 feet high in the front, and 4+ feet in the back. We have tried to start grass from seed, but there is too much weed seed in the soil, and we also have a problem with gophers that dig everything up when we are trying to get grass established, so we will have to put sod down I guess to have a lawn. Anyway, I hope this will become an active community!


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Hi all! I came across this forum by chance. . .hope we can get something going. It's amazing what beautiful gardens some people have achieved in our desert conditions. I'm looking forward to learning from you.

I live on l l/4 acres in Logan, half of which is a pile of rocks and the other half is clay. I have a 6-year-old yard that is just coming into its own, and have to say that the rocky side is doing better than the clay side! I think it takes longer to incorporate organic material into my thin clay.

I have lurked for years over on the perennials forum, and somewhat on the rose forum. I will come out of hiding for this forum, though!

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I forgot to say, Down and Dirty, your garden is very beautiful and inspiring. Must come from acting on your name!

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A Utah form!! WOW!. Down and dirty I love your gardens. Roses are my passion. I had to laugh at the way to count your roses. Im always ordering and trying to get them planted before my husbands sees them, then I just tell him (that bush has always been here!) I jsut can't get enough. My sod is slowley disapering to make more room. I live in Draper zone 5/6. Hope to hear alot from all you utahn's

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Wow! Can't believe this is here!

What is everyone doing in the garden this week? I'm having a hard time getting out there between rains, but I have pots waiting & bulbs to come.

Sounds like a topic for a thread...

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What a surprise I got when I saw this forum today!
My yard/garden are nothing much to talk about but since my nest will be empty soon I hope to make it nicer.

I live in Rich county so growing anything is a big challenge for me!


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Go Utah!
I also just found this site. I'm basically a lurker and enjoy all the input. I live West of Logan nestled against the
Wasatch Mountain Range. For several years I've been working on a carefree yard with a lot of perennials. I'll be checking in often!

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barb422(z6 UT)

Well hello fellow Utahns. Nice to see a forum for us. Hi Down and Dirty!

I'm in the Salt Lake Valley. I'm relatively new to gardening, 5 years, so much to learn. I'm trying to balance my passion for water loving roses with my desire for drought tolerant and native plants.

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stevation(z5a Utah)

Hey guys! I've frequented the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum a bit, but it's mostly Colorado gardeners. It will be good to have our own forum now, especially for us Wasatch Front folks who aren't as high and cold as most of the Colorado people seem to be.

I've lived in UT for five years, having come from the Sacramento Valley. I have my own garden blog, but it's mostly just a personal garden journal so I can review what I've done when and know what to expect as next year rolls around. I do have photos in some of the entries, and you might find it interesting. The link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Steve's garden blog

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songbirdmommy(UT 5)

Greetings from Southern Utah!
I live in Enterprise, which happens to have weather more akin to Logan than to St. George, which is just 40 miles to the south.
I currently live on a half acre that is gorgeously landscaped.
My sweet hubby is working in Salt Lake City, so it looks like we will be moving up there sometime soon.

We are looking at a house in Herriman that has NO landscaping yet............anyone know about Herriman... the microclimate, soil conditions, schools?

I am glad that they finally put a UTAH forum here.
Looking forward to getting to know ya all!

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I just noticed this new forum too. Since we just landscaped our yard this year and I kill everything I touch, I think I'll be checking in here quite often for advice!
I live in Draper too, sidda. And Steve, I moved here 4 years ago from El Dorado Hills. We were only there 18 months though.

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hey down and dirty...great garden pics...amazing!! Where is your zone 6/7 garden.

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